Songs for Spanking “Help”

Another Song for Spanking courtesy of The Beatles – this is what they really wanted to say:

Help! I need a spanking
Help! Not just any spanking
Help! You know I need some pain

When I was younger so much younger than today
I never wanted spanking every single day
But now those days are gone and I’m desperate for your hand
And so you’ll find, I’ve read your mind, the strap’s in my nightstand

Spank me if you can, I’m feeling down
And you do appreciate my ass so round
Spank me til my feet lift off the ground
Won’t you please, please spank me?

And now my ass is spanked in oh so many ways
My bottom never seem to make it through the day
And ev’ry now and then I have to lock the door
So you’ll know, I want to scream, like I’ve never screamed before

Spank me if you can, I’m feeling down
And you do appreciate my ass so round
Spank me til my feet lift off the ground
Won’t you please, please spank me?

When I was younger so much younger than today
I never wanted spanking every single day
But now those days are gone and I’m desperate for your hand
And so you’ll find, I’ve read your mind, the strap’s in my nightstand

Spank me if you can, I’m feeling down
And you do appreciate my ass so round
Spank me til my feet lift off the ground
Won’t you please, please spank me?

Spank me, spank me

Missy and the Judge

Missy rapped Judge’s door

The command came too soon

To enter his chambers

And pay for the Piper’s tune


Judge gazed on her beauty

Such an angelic face

But lurking beneath that

She hid her family’s disgrace


Judge stood from his chair

Stared her straight in the face

He wanted to make her

Afraid of this place


”Now listen here, Missy

You’ve been quite the lass

You’ve been sharing your virtue

With your whole graduating class”


“Your folks if they could

They’d have you off to the jail

But I persuaded ‘em rightly

You just need a sting in the tail”


“So let’s get right to it

I’ve a lot to get done

Get yourself in position

I will not make this fun”


Missy shucked off her jeans

Dropped her pants to the ground

Stepped out of her garments

And turned right around


She bent from the waist

And she touched her toes

She spread her feet wide

And she held that pose


The Judge stared at her beauty

And he sucked in his cheeks

As he gazed lustily on

Her toned naked physique


With firm rounded buttocks

And a deep cleft in between

Leading down past her asshole

To the sweetest pussy he’d seen


The Judge tried to speak

Tried to sound real butch

But instead he just gasped

And sputtered and such


He coughed and he spat

All that tough guy stuff

And he tried once again

With a voice deep and gruff


“Now listen her Missy,

You put your family to shame

You know you’re a bad’un

And I need to whip in some pain”


“There’s a long list of boys

Who they tell me you’ve fucked

And a few of the girls

Who’s pussies you’ve sucked”


“I saw with my own eyes

Your shamelessly brazen display

When I peeped in your window

When your folks were away”


“You were down on your knees

Your bare ass sticking up

With a big rubber dildo

Plugging your tight little butt”


“Young Joshua was with you

You had his dick in your mouth

And then up your arsehole

When that dildo popped out”


“He fucked you so deeply

His balls slapped your cunt

As he reamed out your asshole

And then he came with a grunt”


“I said a strapping would cure you

Make you think twice ‘bout sex

And I offered to do it

With your Pappy’s bad neck”


With no further ado

The Judge whipped out his strap

And raised the thick leather

High over his back


He whipped that strap down

Striking Missy’s full moons

She screamed bloody murder

As the sweet agony ballooned


Again and again,

Judge whipped her cheeks raw

‘Til her bottom was glowing

And her cheeks were quite sore


Judge threw down the strap then,

To admire the sight

Of Missy’s firm buttocks

So glowing and tight


He took both her cheeks

And spread them apart

And just as he did so

She let out a fart


He leapt back in shock

At the sudden warm gust

He was quite lost for words

Yet it strengthened his lust


“So that’s how you play it

You dirty young slut!

Well let’s stop any more gases

Sneaking out of your butt”


He whipped out his dick

And slicked some spit on his pole

Then pressed home his member

Into Missy’s tight hole


Judge fucked her quite strongly

For a man past his best

Til the tightness of arsehole

Was too much to resist


With a last balls deep thrust

He erupted inside

And he took a last gasp

As his heart fluttered and died


Now sore cross both cheeks

And sore deep in between

The dead Judge and Missy

Made a sight quite obscene


She forced herself upright

His cock slipped out of her bum

She felt the cool air waft

Up her stretched out rectum


She slipped on her knickers

Pulled her jean shorts up high

And strolled out of the Chambers

Where Judge had just died



Sophie’s Choice


“Damn this report!” James cursed, pushing himself away from the desk. He slumped back in his chair, staring malevolently at the silent, blinking cursor still placed at the end of the first paragraph. He had written and deleted those opening words a dozen times already. He stabbed at the delete key and his words disappeared, leaving a blank page once more.

He knew company policy required him to write up Sophie for her performance issues. As her manager if he didn’t deal with her tardiness and failure to deliver to deadlines, he himself would be under review. The trouble was, she was a great worker when she put her mind to it, but just lately things had been slipping, understandably so after her husband walked out on her after 8 years of marriage. James did feel for Sophie, had a bit of a soft spot for her really – or more often a hard spot, especially when she wore those figure hugging skirts and heels. They flirted mildly for sure. More than once he’d gone almost too far with his comments. One time he told her she would make a great secretary fantasy, all bookish with her hair up and glasses, or the many times he had been mock stern over a minor transgression, suggesting there could be firm consequences for a naughty girl. He often imagined bending her over his desk, lifting her skirt over her back and easing her knickers down to her knees for a nice, firm bottom warming, followed of course by a good long fuck from behind.

James shifted uncomfortably as his cock rose to join the party in his mind. He glanced around, making sure no-one was looking into his glass-walled office. Seeing the coast was clear he shoved a hand into his waistband to release his rapidly stiffening shaft from the knot in his underwear. He squeezed himself as he did so and rubbed the leaking juices around his cock head as he allowed his mind to develop the details of his little fantasy.

He decided he would ask her to stay late one evening, so they had the office to themselves. He would call her in, and lay out the issue of her attendance and poor work performance over recent weeks. He would have her sit, and he would stand in front of her – no, he would just lean on the desk, in front of her so they were close, but a bit more casual. He would be sympathetic, maybe even reaching out and touching her arm, but he would be firm that he had responsibilities. Of course he would lay out the consequences, including the likelihood that she could be fired. And once he had her suitably worried, he would hint that he could go out on a limb, put his own position at risk just this once if he could be sure she would turn over a new leaf. She would assure him, of course, but he would press the point that he could not be sure she would change, unless the transgression carried some firm consequence..

“Surely we can work something out,” she would implore, tears in her eyes.

“Well I don’t know, Sophie,” James would say, “My hands are really tied. If I’m to risk my own position I need to be totally assured you will fix this problem, once and for all. Actions must have consequences, otherwise nothing changes.” And then the springing of the trap – “You know, this lateness and petty underperformance is really childish. The sort of thing the old short, sharp shock would have cured back in the day, I’m sure. But sadly those measures are out of the question today.”

And then Sophie would look up at him, confused but curious. He could almost see the cogs turning in her mind, perhaps recalling their flirty innuendo. “My ex said as much,” she would say, haltingly. “He said ‘actions speak louder than words’. Said we should have brought our issues out into the open, dealt with them in the old-fashioned ways. I never took him seriously, and Chris was not someone to be forthright about his intent so it never went any further – and now look at us.”

James would push a little harder at the opening door. “Sometimes we all need to see the error of our ways, and sometimes some old-fashioned discipline might avoid more serious consequences. That could be an option for us, keep this out of HRs hands.”

And then she would utter the magic words, “Would you do that James? Would you … punish me, for my bad behaviour? Would that be enough to let us put this behind us?” and as she spoke she would reach out and rest a hand just a little too high on his thigh.

James would want to appear resistant to the idea, cautiously testing out the ground ahead of him. “I don’t know. I don’t want to hurt you – but then a punishment needs to be hard enough to act as a deterrent. And it would have to be kept as our secret of course, otherwise we would both be fired.”

James continued to squeeze and stroke his trapped erection as the fantasy took hold. He scooted his chair closer to the desk to avoid being seen and resumed his mental planning.

They would skirt around the edges a little more, neither wanting to say the words. Finally James said that if Sophie was sure, she should ask for punishment properly so there was no question of duress. So she would look into his eyes, take his hand and say, “James, I’ve been a very naughty, silly girl and I deserve to be spanked. Would you please teach me a lesson I won’t quickly forget? Please put me over your knee like a naughty girl and spank me so hard I can’t sit down for a week!”

James’s cock was painfully hard now, and the urge to cum was overwhelming. He pulled his hand out of his waistband, unzipped under cover of the desk and pulled his cock free. His shaft stood tall and he was able to stroke himself more freely, using his free-flowing pre-cum as a lubricant.

He imagined bending Sophie over his knee and stroking her firm, round bottom through the light summer dress. Once she was in position he would tell her all naughty girls had to be spanked on the bare. She would protest enough to make a show, but offer no resistance as he drew up the skirt to reveal stocking tops and cream, silky knickers. He would slide her knickers down to her knees, revealing the wonderful sight of her twin moons bisected by the deep crevasse hiding her bum hole. He would adjust her position so that her bum was positioned nice and high. She would spread her feet to steady herself, opening her cheeks as she did and giving him a tantalising glimpse of her bum hole, and a glorious view of her pussy beneath. He imagined she would be neatly trimmed – not bare. He would stroke her buttocks, testing the resiliency before spanking her with firm strokes to warm her up. As they got going, he would make his spanks harder until there was a definite pinkness to her cheeks. He imagined he would see her arousal growing despite her protests, and at that prompt he would spank her harder to bring her colour to a deeper hue.

James slowed his stroking, eager to play out his story to the end before shooting his load. He mentally moved Sophie off his knee and over the desk.

She would willingly dip her back as she bent forward across the desk, opening her cleft and lewdly displaying her moistening pussy. He would have her spread her feet wider to give him a clear view of her wrinkled sphincter, her pussy lips swelling and parting with excitement. He imagined pulling her cheeks apart so that her bumhole was stretched open and beneath, her wet and open pussy lips revealed her full arousal. James would stroke and fondle her cheeks, wetting a finger in her juicy cunt before dragging a finger up her cleft to probe her anus. He would then pull his belt from his pants and double the strap in his hand. He mentally brought the strap down square across her cheeks and he imagined her gasp, before she thrust her bottom back for more. He kept mentally whipping her until he felt his orgasm was too close to hold back. As his orgasm built he imagined grasping her red, sore bum cheeks and sliding his hot, hard length deep inside her willing pussy. He fucked her hard and fast as his hand pumped under the desk until he shot his load with a cry. Suddenly conscious of his location, he glanced around the office to see a couple of curious faces looking his way, wondering no doubt what the noise was about. He ducked behind his computer screen and grabbed some tissues from the box on his desk to clean up.

Sated now, he took another look at the blank screen before him, before turning to pick up his phone. His call was answered after a couple of rings.

“Ah, Sophie, there’s something we need to discuss. Would you be able to stay a little late tonight?”

Hubble, Bubble repost

My writing blues continue, and I wanted to share a post with you for this special day. So here it is, a repost of Hubble, Bubble from exactly a year ago. Hopefully it may encourage readers to delve into the back catalogue – and you all know how much fun that can be!!


Hubble, double, toil and trouble

Witches wizened pussies bubble

Watching with malevolent stare

As knave and maiden strip and bare


Each then bound to a whipping bench

Both strapped tight against buttocks clench

Hellstrap swung with ferocious might

Knave’s scream of anguish cuts the night


A vicious strike, a plaintive cry

As whip tip lands on unseeing eye

Amplified yet tenfold more

As lash tip whips his manhood raw


Bruised and broken, knave is finished

With cross-hatched bum and cock diminished

Next maiden cries as strap lays its fire

Perversely, she thrusts her buttocks higher


Straining up for another stroke

As cries of anguished pleasure choke

Twelve more lashes, hard and tight

Delivered with all the witches might


Her buttocks hot and red and sore

Poor maiden sobs yet begs for more

Witch steps up to maiden, bound

Reaches out, without a sound


Witch explores the reddened rump

Traces nails ‘cross buttocks plump

Drops wrinkled hand to pubic mound

Pinches lips and stirs around


Stirring the molten pot within

Reveals the moistened juice of sin

Witch strokes the juicy, open cunt

Extracts a lustful, guttural grunt


Blacken’d nail flicks hooded clit

Scratches down the swollen slit

Fires stoked high and passions rise

And climb, and peak, and then subside

I hope y’all enjoyed this pre-Hallowe’en fun. The picture I found to be quite intriguing – sourced from Google of course, via Not quite sure why one girl is up the chimney, and whether the other is spanking her, learning to fly the broomstick or is using the rough twigs to rub herself off !

Spank me hard

Spank me hard, spank me tight

Spank my glowing bum all night

Whip me good, whip me right

Whip me hard with all your might

Take your leather, strap me more

Strap my naked buttocks raw

Now your crop, whack my nates

Make me cry and take my fate

And the ruler, aim it good

Smack my rosebud with that wood

Take a ginger fig, so smooth

Slide it down my backdoor groove

Pop it past, my muscled ring

Then you’ll hear this songbird sing

Cane me strong, with ginger snug

Make me clench round burning plug

Give me twelve, then twelve again

Biting lines of glorious pain

Hold me tight, fuck me good

Treat me like a lover should

Songs for Spanking – Sweet Caroline

With apologies to the legend that is Neil Diamond, your wedding reception sing-along will never be the same again. I give you Songs for Spanking – Sweet Caroline Cane of Mine !

“Sweet Caroline Cane of mine”

Where it began,
I spanked your bum to glowing
And then my dick was growing long

Fingered your ring
Hand spanking in the shower
Who’d have believed you’d come so strong.

Warm, buttocks warm
Reachin’ round, touchin’ me, spankin’ you

Sweet Cane of mine
Six stripes always give me wood
Your buttocks lined

And a-glowin’ like they should

But now I…

…wait for the night
And I am feeling horny
Warming your bum with a smack or two

And when you hurt,

When your soft bum is tender

I’ll soothe your hurt just holding you

Warm, buttocks warm
Reachin’ round, touchin’ me, spankin’ you

Sweet Cane of mine
Six stripes always give me wood
Your buttocks lined

And a-glowin’ like they should

Oh, oh, OH

Sweet Cane of mine
Six stripes always give me wood
Sweet Cane of mine,
Buttocks stinging like they should

Sweet Cane of mine
Six stripes always give me wood
Sweet Cane of mine…