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Bekki & Jade pt 2

We left Bekki as she reached orgasm under Jade’s tongue. If you want a recap, head here for Bekki & Jade pt 1.


Image sourced thru Google

Image sourced thru Google

Bekki lay exhausted, slowly coming down from the orgasmic high her friend had gifted her. Jade propped herself on her elbows, looking up at her friend from her position between Bekki’s spread knees. Jade gently stroked the neat triangle of brown fuzz covering Bekki’s pubic mound.

“I could shave you, you know. You’d look dead sexy,” Jade said.

Bekki lifted her head and glanced down at her friend. “You could. It would cost you though.”

“Why a price?” asked Jade, toying idly with a springy tuft. She suddenly tugged. “Maybe I should just pluck you like a chicken!”

Bekki yelped at the sudden pinch of pain. Jade laughed and pinched another tuft of hair and tweaked it painfully. Bekki twisted to get away, flipping herself over onto her belly to hide herself from further abuse. Jade quickly got to her knees and leapt onto her friend’s back, pinning her down. Jade was facing backwards on Bekki, looking towards her feet. She whacked her hand down on Bekki’s unprotected bum, and then proceeded to play her like a bongo drum. Jade rained hard slaps down with both hands, left, right, left, right.

“OW, you bitch! That’s too much!” Bekki screamed. She squealed and struggled to get out from under Jade but she was pinned firmly.

Bekki reached backwards with her arm and pinched Jade just below her right buttock, squeezing and twisting in an attempt to dislodge her friend. Jade yelped and batted Bekki’s hand away, then she reached round, pulled Bekki’s arms down and pinned them with her legs. Bekki was trapped, and Jade began to spank her in earnest. She focused on her left buttock first, slapping down hard with her right hand, palm open and fingers spread and stiff for maximum impact. Jade saw her palm print appear white with each smack, then suffuse with red as the blood rushed to the injured area. Bekki squealed and wriggled to escape the onslaught, while Jade laughed and smacked.

With Bekki’s left cheek now a blotchy red, Jade twisted her seat to begin assaulting Bekki’s right cheek. As she did so, Bekki bucked and twisted, unseating her rider. The pair grappled, naked and sweating, laughing and panting. Bekki saw her chance and acted swiftly. She released her grip on Jade’s arm and grabbed for the breast swinging in front of her. She grabbed Jade’s nipple and twisted. Jade yelped and tried to pull free, and Bekki, suddenly with the upper hand, flipped her friend over and pinned her.

From beneath, Jade complained, “That was not fair. Tits are out of bounds!”

Bekki grinned, “I didn’t know we had rules – you didn’t share. Naughty Girl!” Bekki smacked Jade with her palm. Not satisfied, she looked around and saw her sandal next to her pile of clothes. She grabbed at it.

“Looks like we’re moving this up a level,” Bekki declared, and larruped Jade’s bum with the smooth, flat sole. Jade howled and struggled, but Bekki held her firm. “Not yet!” she said, and delivered another volley of smacks, peppering Jade’s bum with oval red imprints. “Now we’re even,” she said, and released Jade from her grip.

Jade rubbed her sore bum. She looked at Bekki and pouted, “You hurt – I think you need to kiss me better.”

Bekki smiled. “Well, I do owe you one, I guess. Get on your knees; I want to do you from behind.”

Jade scurried over and set herself on her knees, red bum high and knees spread. Bekki bent her tongue to her friend’s bum and trailed a wet path down her cleft. She flicked her tongue around Jade’s tight wrinkled rosebud and then carried on down to eat out her pussy.


To be continued…

Spanking good ditty

imageThe sun is finally shining, and I’m in a happy mood.

Here’s a little fun spanking ditty to lighten your day, to the tune of “Oh, I do like to be beside the seaside!”


Oh! I do like to give your bum a spanking

I do like to spank you o’er my knee!

I do like to whack you on the bum, bum, bum!

Make your skin turn pink as my fingers drum


So just let me give your bum a spanking

And then I’ll lick your clit and sweet pussy

Oh your bottom will enjoy,

All my spanky little toys

A sexy spanking, over my knee!



Tennis Girl

Tennis Girl 450

1976: Tennis Girl by Martin Elliott featuring 18-year-old Fiona Butler

 This is a classic poster that graced my bedroom wall as a teenager. I do believe she may have been a primary cause of my bottom fetish. I thank you Fiona. I didn’t know her name back then, and didn’t care. All I could imagine was meeting someone so risqué and carefree, and having my way with her right there on the court. Oh how often I would have imagined her, as attested by the stiff bed sheets and piles of Kleenex under my bed. How many other young men wanked themselves blind at the sight of that beautiful bottom so enticingly displayed? And now I am a spanking aficionado, the image has still more potential.


She knows she is being brattish and she has set this scene up with one intention only. Her hips sway as she swaggers toward the net, ankles turning in as she steps.She reaches down to scratch her leg, then slides her hand upwards onto her bum, lifting her tennis skirt and flashing her bare buttocks. This lack of underwear is a blatant disregard for court protocol, and she is deliberately teasing her watching partner. She takes a step forward, then bends from the waist to collect the tennis balls lying before her. She does so slowly, bending from the waist. As she does her oh-so-short tennis skirt rides up revealing more and more of that perfect teenage ass and the secret treasures nestled beneath. At full bend, her bum cheeks are spread wide. Her bottom-hole peeks out of its hidden valley, and her pussy lips are parted slightly, revealing her excitement at the lewd game she is playing.

The man walk up behind her as she bends, her hand reaching out to pick up the balls. His tennis shorts are tented by the erection she knows she created. He walks behind her, swings his racquet back and delivers a forearm swing. The racquet head connects with the girl’s delightful derriere, causing her to stumble forward and place both hands on the court surface to steady herself. His strike has left a faint checkerboard pattern across her firm cheeks. Now she is in a stable position he swings again, delivering another half-dozen with the racquet before casting it away. He then reaches down, takes her hand and walks her to the net, where he gently leans her over the top. Reaching down, she intertwines her fingers in the net for purchase. The man flicks the micro skirt out of the way and delivers a firm open-handed spanking to the girl’s tightly stretched buttocks, reddening up her creamy skin. He doesn’t count the blows. He just keeps on spanking her until her bottom cheeks are just the right shade of red and her readiness is evident by the wetness of her pussy.

He reaches his hand between her legs to cup her mound. Two fingers in and it’s clear she is definitely ready for cock. The man unzips and drops his shorts. He strokes his cock, lubricating the head with the clear liquid oozing from the tip. Using his cock like a paintbrush he trails the head down her bum cleft, leaving a sticky line shimmering in the sunlight. He pauses to push his wet tip gently against her tight sphincter, feeling the resistance as she opens slightly behind to the blunt invader. He’s not intending to take her anal virginity, not today at any rate. Instead he dips his shaft between her legs, teasing her lips and clitoris with his knob end. With his shaft thoroughly wetted he docks himself and slides straight into her eager cunt.

She is bent tight over the net and his cock is up to the hilt in her pussy. He begins driving in and out, relishing her youthful tightness gripping his hard shaft. He looks down and is amused to see her anus pulsating slightly with the fucking, so he wets a finger in her pussy juice and slides it into her tight opening. He presses against the walls inside and feels the pressure of his finger against his cock through the thin membrane, feels his shaft sliding in and out as he fucks this beautiful girl in the open air on this beautiful summer day.  The extra pressure is too much for the pair, and he shoots inside her as she comes, the net taking their weight as they sag in climax. She looks back over her shoulder and speaks, “New balls please!”

Oh Tennis Girl, here we go again. Such Summer delight!

Shopping Trip Surprise


When I’m forced to accompany Miranda on a shopping trip I like to amuse myself by perusing the stores, seeking out items for their spanking potential. It is quite fun to pick up a pair of pumps, turn them over in my hand and stroke the sole, imagining its slap on an errant bottom, whilst all around me the regular shoppers go about their business. One never knows, of course, how many of them are purchasing for alternative uses.

During my personal escapism I like to let my mind wander if I see a particularly spankable derriere, or a self assured professional looking woman, the type who knows what she wants and is not afraid to take it. Come with me on one of my fantasy escapes ….


I was frustrated yesterday lunchtime. A meeting had gone long and my project had not been approved. I needed an escape. I drove over to the mall and entered one of the many smaller department stores. I strolled around the store, following a familiar route through the personal grooming area to examine the hairbrush selection. I found a nice wooden oval brush, and I felt its weight with a slap to my palm. The sting gave me a nice indication of pleasures to be had with this one. I moved on, into the footwear section. I’ve been looking for a nice traditional pair of slippers, the sort your dad would wear. Miranda likes a slippering, and the role play to be had with dad slippers is just delicious. I wandered down the aisles, examining various ladies court shoes for spanking potential and then began perusing the slippers. I noticed a striking redhead who seemed to glance away whenever I looked over at her. Was she interested in me? (more…)

Can you handle this?

I'm ready

I’m ready, are you?


You said I would pay if I made another mistake. You said you would not stand for any more sloppy work. Don’t push me you said, or else. Well, your words certainly struck home. You really made your mark. I did my very best, and I managed to screw up every single piece of work you gave me to do. Oops. Was I a bad little girl? See, I really need to know if you’re just full of words, or whether there’s any meat in your pants. Are you man enough to take me in hand, or do I need to wear the trousers?

So here I am, ready and waiting. My buttocks are primed and ready for your punishment. Smooth, so smooth and tight. I shaved last night, so my ass and pussy are smooth and soft. But before you start, you better be up to the task. (more…)

Best Damned Quotes: Elmo Phillips

Elmo Phillips clearly knew his stuff. Some things you just grow to like. Broccoli, cauliflower, spanking, it’s all the same!

Old Road Apples


I missed my regular “best damned quotes” entry yesterday–I’m very, very sorry.

” You don’t appreciate a lot of stuff in school until you get older. Little things like being spanked every day by a middle-aged woman. Stuff you pay good money for in later life.”
–Elmo Phillips

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Riding Lesson


I was at the stables recently. Now the weather is warming up the views have significantly improved. Riding clothing is surely designed with the erotic spanker in mind. There are those fitted jackets, padded shoulders and nipped-in waists flaring slightly to frame the exquisite bottom beneath. Those bottoms are squeezed into form fitting jodhpurs. The jodhpurs are worn with sole straps to give a beautiful shape to the lower leg. Most riders have knee high leather boots, and of course, they usually carry a riding crop.

I love to watch these fine ladies as they put a stallion through his paces. Watching a canter is delightful. The rider is in a half crouch, bottom raised 8 inches or so off the (more…)

Touching My Toes


I confess all my sins with tearful contrition,

I’ve been a bad girl, I’m here in submission.

“How do you want me?” my voice is a-quaver,

I beg your chastisement, your touch I will savour.

Oh please will you beat me, leave me cleansed and alive,

I want you to spank me, such pleasure derived.

So how do you want me, what’s your desire?

Shall I kneel on a chair and you set my bum on fire?

I could bend over your desk, pushing papers aside,

Steel myself for your slipper with my cheeks spread wide.

I could kneel at your feet, thrust my bottom high,

Or perhaps you would smack me lying over your thigh?

My personal choice, if I can be so bold,

Is the position I find so very hard to hold.

With my bum in the air and my pussy on show,

I’m reduced to a target in a “spank-me” peep show.

When I take this stance, I’ll taste the cane’s sweet bite,

As you wield the rattan with such sweet delight.

Give me a dozen hard stripes, leave me red as a rose

When I bend down before you, fingers touching my toes.