Bekki & Jade – pt 1

The two girls had cut out of the lecture theatre early. The afternoon was far too nice to spend cooped inside studying fundamentals of Kineseology. They ran across the University lawns towards the surrounding woodlands. The girls had become firm friends since finding they were rooming together at the start of the Fall semester just a few weeks ago, and spent every moment together.

Walking through the woods at the edge of campus, they reached the secluded lakeshore. The girls sat on a picnic table near the water’s edge. Jade glanced at her friend with a mischievous glint in her eye.

“Come on Jade, let’s swim. It’s far too hot to just sit around here”, Bekki jibed.

“But I don’t have my cozzie,” said Jade.

“I’m wearing all I need to wear – come on, skinny dipping!”

Jade looked around the lake shore. There was no one in sight, so she unbuttoned her gingham blouse, shrugged it off her shoulders and placed it on the bench seat. She reached behind to unclasp her bra and felt a delicious shiver as a cooling breeze stirred the lake surface and stroked around her firm breasts. Her young nipples stood proud in the cool air, and she couldn’t resist stroking her sun-browned skin as she removed her bra.

“Nice tits, Jade – you want me to do that for you?” said Bekki.

Jade turned and saw her friend was watching her, grinning. Bekki stood stark naked, her clothes discarded in a rough heap at her feet. Jade’s eyes traveled up from the pile of clothes, up those incredibly long legs to the golden triangle she had seen so often walking around their dorm room, and on up to Bekki’s neat little tits, her brown nipples hard and erect.

“I think I will do you first today, if you don’t mind? Jade said with a sly smile. She stepped forward and cupped a handful of Bekki’s breast, then squeezed gently and flicked at the firm nipple with her thumb. With her other hand she stroked the soft down on Bekki’s mons, then pushed her hand between her friend’s legs. Jade slipped a finger into Bekki’s wet sex and Bekki moaned in pleasure. She and Jade had become lovers quickly when they met, and each knew the others pleasure centres already.

“No sense washing ’til we’re dirty!” Jade stated, and lowered her friend to the grassy bank. Bekki lay back on the springy turf and allowed herself to be used by her room mate.

Jade began licking along Bekki’s firm young thighs. She pushed Bekki’s knees apart to reach her moist core within. Her tongue flicked, snakelike, towards the secret folds of Bekki’s sex. Bekki reached down to part her sex lips and Jade nipped at her fingers.

“No touching!”

Jade’s tongue pressed more firmly into the soft, yielding flesh. Flicking upwards, she encircled the nub of pleasure she found there, stroking Bekki’s pleasure higher with each flick of tongue against clit. Jade pressed her mouth more firmly against her friend’s sex now, sucking the little nub to erection and circling it with her tongue.

Jade feasted on her friend, fucking her with jabbing movements of her stiff tongue before flicking back along the groove to tease her clitoris once more. Jade flicked her tongue down further along Bekki’s smooth perineum and then licked at Bekki’s tight anus. Bekki lifted her legs high to give Jade full access to her bum hole, spreading her cheeks wide in the process. Jade stiffened her tongue and jabbed at the tight brown hole, her tongue inserting like a little finger. When she had throughly wetted the channel she slid her middle finger into her friend’s anus, probing gently.

Bekki squealed softly as the invading digit probed her. Finally she removed her finger and returned her attention to Bekki’s flowing pussy, lapping up the juices like a cat. Jade continued to service Bekki, constantly switching between the buffet spread before her. First a nibble of clitoris, then a lapping of cunt juice and a little dip of bumhole.

Bekki felt as if her whole pubic area was on fire. Jade’s sapphic skills kept her teetering on the brink of a crashing orgasm. Finally, Jade clamped her mouth hard over her friend’s sex and sucked firmly on her clit. As her orgasm built and toppled Bekki into the abyss, Jade plunged her thumb deep into her sphincter, and Bekki screamed her release to the sky.


Part 2 of Bekki & Jade’s adventure is available here.


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