Riding the Crop


Hands at my belt, unfastening
Button, then zipper released
Jeans pushed down, so slowly
Underwear pulled tight to my cheeks

Bend now, my lovely, and offer
Yourself for my crop’s sharp kiss
Relinquish control of your body
And I’ll bring you your sweet release

I bend now and reach for my toes
You pull down my underwear
Your crop strokes along my dark crevice
Caressing and teasing my there

I tease and excite your awareness
My crop slides so gently
And then, when you least expect it
I strike hard and precisely

Your whip brings me back to my senses
I moan, then push myself higher
Please, give me another
Your crop stokes my fires of desire

I mark your beautiful bottom
With my love, such sweet caress
Red cheeks show my passionate loving
You’re mine to command as I wish

I beg you, please keep on striking
The pain builds exquisitely
My love for you increases
As you beat me so lovingly

I stop now, and sooth your hot bottom
I stroke your crop reddened cheeks
My hand slips between them
To cup your sex beneath

Your fingers entice and excite me
Gripping my balls and my shaft
Your hands stroke me to completion
I stiffen, and come, and relax.

Tell me how you like it

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