Touching My Toes


I confess all my sins with tearful contrition,

I’ve been a bad girl, I’m here in submission.

“How do you want me?” my voice is a-quaver,

I beg your chastisement, your touch I will savour.

Oh please will you beat me, leave me cleansed and alive,

I want you to spank me, such pleasure derived.

So how do you want me, what’s your desire?

Shall I kneel on a chair and you set my bum on fire?

I could bend over your desk, pushing papers aside,

Steel myself for your slipper with my cheeks spread wide.

I could kneel at your feet, thrust my bottom high,

Or perhaps you would smack me lying over your thigh?

My personal choice, if I can be so bold,

Is the position I find so very hard to hold.

With my bum in the air and my pussy on show,

I’m reduced to a target in a “spank-me” peep show.

When I take this stance, I’ll taste the cane’s sweet bite,

As you wield the rattan with such sweet delight.

Give me a dozen hard stripes, leave me red as a rose

When I bend down before you, fingers touching my toes.

Tell me how you like it

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