Riding Lesson


I was at the stables recently. Now the weather is warming up the views have significantly improved. Riding clothing is surely designed with the erotic spanker in mind. There are those fitted jackets, padded shoulders and nipped-in waists flaring slightly to frame the exquisite bottom beneath. Those bottoms are squeezed into form fitting jodhpurs. The jodhpurs are worn with sole straps to give a beautiful shape to the lower leg. Most riders have knee high leather boots, and of course, they usually carry a riding crop.

I love to watch these fine ladies as they put a stallion through his paces. Watching a canter is delightful. The rider is in a half crouch, bottom raised 8 inches or so off the saddle, and she is leaning forwards to present her bottom beautifully. I’ve studied many a female form in this position, and I see very few visible panty lines. My fantasy, therefore, assumes there are no knickers beneath the jodhpurs.


I imagine the tack room, where the riders assemble to collect and polish their gear. In the centre of the room is a saddle stand. On the stand sits a burnished brown saddle, well worn and showing the imprint of countless female buttocks. One young rider, lets say she’s 20, is in the room fiddling nervously with the tack. She’s clearly waiting for someone. She looks up at the sound of footsteps approaching. The door opens, and in walks her instructor.

“Mandy, what the fuck was that out there?” demands her teacher. She stands firm, hands at her hips, obviously very angry with her young charge.

“I’m sorry Karen. I don’t know what went wrong today,” Mandy snivelled her apology.

“Well I know. You were too tired to bother working Phoenix properly. If you can’t take him in hand then I’ll get someone else to ride him in competition on Saturday”

“I’m sorry Karen – let me go out again. I, I had a late night last night. Rick was home fro college and I haven’t seen him for 3 months,” explained Mandy.

“Oh. Well that explains everything,” Karen spoke in a sarcastic tone. “Little miss Mandy thought she deserved a good fuck, and didn’t think twice about wasting my time here today.” Karen was fuming. “Well, I’ve got news for you, you little whore. I’m not wasting my time on someone who thinks with her cunt before a major competition.”

Mandy was in tears. She didn’t want to lose the chance of competing this weekend. She was certain of a ribbon. She begged Karen, “Oh please Karen. Let me compete. I know I was bad today. I won’t let it happen again.”

Karen looked at Mandy standing next to the saddle stand. Her eyes then caught sight of the crops standing in a bucket, and a plan took hold. “Okay. I’ve got a deal for you. You obviously have no trouble getting your knickers off, and as your ass got you into this mess, your ass can pay the price. You have a choice – if you want to ride for me, you take a whipping, right now. Otherwise, you can get your tight little ass back to Rick and ride him all weekend instead.”

Mandy was horrified. “You can’t mean that!”

“Oh yes I do. Quickly now, what’s your choice. I can always ask Sarah to ride Phoenix – she’s bound to get a ribbon.”

Mandy hated Sarah. There was no way she would let her take a ribbon out of her hands. She steeled herself. “Okay, do your worst.”

“Oh don’t worry. I can assure you, you’ll have no trouble keeping that arse out of the saddle when I’m through. Now, get your ass out of those jodhpurs.”

Mandy glanced to the door. Karen saw her look, walked over and snicked the lock. “Don’t worry. No one will see your naked little ass getting whipped,” she said. Mandy swallowed. She knew there was no way out of this now. Her stomach fluttered with the trepidation of what was to come, but she felt oddly excited at the prospect of baring herself for Karen. She had read spanking stories on the internet, and the idea of a good spanking had always turned her on. Now she had the chance to see what it was really like.

Mandy looked Karen in the eye, then reached down and unfastened her jodhpurs. With a wriggle of her hips, she pushed the pants down to her knees, leaving the tight fabric bunched above her riding boots. She never wore knickers under her jodhpurs, so she was naked from waist to boots. Karen drank in the sight before her, eyes fixed on the soft down at Mandy’s crotch. Mandy continued to take the initiative. “How do you want me Karen?” she asked. “Like this?” Mandy bent over the saddle stand, her belly across the seat and her bottom presented to Karen.

Karen stepped behind Mandy and appraised the view. Mandy had a beautiful bottom, but her other charms were hidden because her legs were tight together, bound by the bunched jodhpurs at her knees. Karen spoke. “You need to get out of your jodhpurs.”

Mandy smiled. She knew now she had something of the upper hand here. “Okay,” she said, and turned her back to Karen. She bent from the waist and reached down to unfasten her boots, treating Karen to a delightful view of her tightly bent bottom and her sex peeking between her legs. She removed her boots, then pulled the pants from her legs, all the while ensuring Karen got the view she wanted. She then stood and turned to Karen. “Now what?” she asked innocently.

“Mount the saddle!” Karen instructed. Mandy swung a leg over the saddle and sat. She felt the leather moisten where her pussy made contact with the seat.

“Feet in the stirrups!” Karen ordered. Mandy slipped her feet into the stirrups. Karen licked her lips. “Now into a canter position.” Mandy straightened her legs so that she was in a crouch, leaning forwards to rest her hands on the front of the saddle stand.

Karen moved behind Mandy. She reached out and stroked the naked buttocks offered so invitingly, and then she slid a hand up Mandy’s thigh, feeling the tense muscles as Mandy held her position. Her finger tips flickered across Mandy’s wet labia and rested momentarily on her clit. Karen’s breath came in shallow bursts. “Yes. Perfect. Now hold that canter, just like you should have done earlier.”

Karen stepped back and sorted through the crops in the bucket. She pulled out a 24 inch crop with a 3” leather flap at the end. She gave the crop a few experimental swishes, then turned to her student. “Ready?” she asked.

Mandy looked back over her shoulder and smiled. She thrust her buttocks higher, riding the saddle like a jockey at full gallop. “Ready!” she breathed. Karen pulled back her arm and swung for the centre of Mandy’s bare cheeks. The blow struck clean and hard. Karen gasped in excitement and Mandy yelped, then thrust out her bottom for more.

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