Can you handle this?

I'm ready

I’m ready, are you?


You said I would pay if I made another mistake. You said you would not stand for any more sloppy work. Don’t push me you said, or else. Well, your words certainly struck home. You really made your mark. I did my very best, and I managed to screw up every single piece of work you gave me to do. Oops. Was I a bad little girl? See, I really need to know if you’re just full of words, or whether there’s any meat in your pants. Are you man enough to take me in hand, or do I need to wear the trousers?

So here I am, ready and waiting. My buttocks are primed and ready for your punishment. Smooth, so smooth and tight. I shaved last night, so my ass and pussy are smooth and soft. But before you start, you better be up to the task.

Do you think you’ve got what it takes to be the big boss man? Coz I’m very happy to take it either way – or both. If you’re not up to being in charge, then you can take my place right here. You can undo that thick leather belt and drop your pants and boxers, get that ass over this desk. I can show you how to handle a leather strap. I can wrap that thing tight around your man butt harder than you would imagine. I can strap your butt hole til’ it feels like you’ve got a fist full of chillis shoved up there.

Or else you can still undo that belt, and try laying it across MY ass. My smooth, round, firm ass. See if you can get the tip to flick between my bum cheeks. Try whipping it across my puffy pussy lips. Do you like how deep my bum cleavage is? I love it! Whilst I’m bent over this desk, why don’t you get down on your knees and bury your face between my bum cheeks, see if you can moisten up my little bumhole. A real man has no problem with bumholes. If you’d like, I can do the same for you.

If you’re man enough, you can slide open my drawer and pull out the wooden ruler, see how your cock measures up. If you can get it past the 7 inch mark, you’re bigger than my dildo. Congratulations! maybe you can dock it up my wet, juicy pussy once you’ve finished thrashing me. But be careful. If you pull out that ruler I will measure your cock up against that dildo. Whoever has the biggest gets to fuck the ass off the other. What do you think? Are you up for a wager?

Come over here and stroke my bum. Do you like the prize? My bum is SO tight, and I know you would love to shove your cock up there. Do you think you can take it as easily, if you don’t measure up? Come behind me, squeeze my bum cheeks. Drag your finger down my cleft, pause for a moment to drill my butt, then carry on down. You’ll find my pussy, wet, willing and waiting. Give it a stroke, give it a poke, drill me with your fingers. Go back, and shove your pussy-wet finger up my ass, then slap me, hard. If you don’t leave a handprint, you’ve failed. Naughty boy, you guessed it – it’s now your ass that will be drilled, then smacked. You can be very sure you will have a handprint, oh yes! I play tennis, and my forearm smash will definitely leave an impression. We can play ping pong next. Your bum will be the ball, my bat will return each and every bounce full force. 21 points to a game, two sets I think. Can your little boy bum take 42 with a ping pong paddle?

So, big boy. Can you handle this beautiful bottom? Are you strong enough, long enough and hard enough me to satisfy me? Go on. I dare you to try. What’s the worst that can happen? Either way, one of us gets a good spanking, one of us gets an ass fucking. I know I will get off either way. So are you up for it, big boy? I’m waiting.


    1. HaHa. I enjoy spanking, but not the sub element, so I like to make my ladies strong. They know what they want and aren’t afraid to take it. You saw the same in Shopping Trip I think.

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