Shopping Trip Surprise


When I’m forced to accompany Miranda on a shopping trip I like to amuse myself by perusing the stores, seeking out items for their spanking potential. It is quite fun to pick up a pair of pumps, turn them over in my hand and stroke the sole, imagining its slap on an errant bottom, whilst all around me the regular shoppers go about their business. One never knows, of course, how many of them are purchasing for alternative uses.

During my personal escapism I like to let my mind wander if I see a particularly spankable derriere, or a self assured professional looking woman, the type who knows what she wants and is not afraid to take it. Come with me on one of my fantasy escapes ….


I was frustrated yesterday lunchtime. A meeting had gone long and my project had not been approved. I needed an escape. I drove over to the mall and entered one of the many smaller department stores. I strolled around the store, following a familiar route through the personal grooming area to examine the hairbrush selection. I found a nice wooden oval brush, and I felt its weight with a slap to my palm. The sting gave me a nice indication of pleasures to be had with this one. I moved on, into the footwear section. I’ve been looking for a nice traditional pair of slippers, the sort your dad would wear. Miranda likes a slippering, and the role play to be had with dad slippers is just delicious. I wandered down the aisles, examining various ladies court shoes for spanking potential and then began perusing the slippers. I noticed a striking redhead who seemed to glance away whenever I looked over at her. Was she interested in me?

My sojourn continued through the belts and bags section. The gents leather belts hung invitingly, but I do prefer my own belt for my own bottom or Miranda’s. The years of usage have softened the sharper edges found on new leather. Onwards I went, into the kitchenwear section. I was browsing through various spatulas, wooden spoons and a delightfully paddle-shaped cheese board when I noticed the redhead again. She was at the end of the aisle.  She saw me handling the utensils and paused. Her eye caught mine and lingered for a fraction longer than a casual glance. I watched her drift a finger along the hanging tools. She looked down and eyed something on a low shelf. Half turning, she bent slowly from the waist to retrieve the item. I watched the cream skirt tighten across her mature buttocks – I guessed her to be around 40, maybe a well cared for 45. She looked like she exercised, certainly she carried herself well and she had a nicely defined figure.

I admired the view from high heels, up nylon covered legs to the cream hem stretched to mid thigh. Up then, over the delightful buttocks and to the curve of her hips, narrowing to a defined waist and a charcoal blouse. She straightened, and I saw what she had picked up. She was holding a pestle. A polished marble pestle, about 4′ long. She took the pestle by the top and inverted it so it stood erect in her right palm like a small cock. She then stroked the marble with her left hand, wanking the shaft gently. Her finger went to her mouth and she wet  the tip, then proceeded to rotate it around the blunt end of the phallic pestle.

I became very aware that my cock liked this imagery. It caught painfully in my underwear as my erection grew. I desperately needed to adjust myself. I shoved my hand into my pocket but I couldn’t release the old fellow. I was considering a more direct approach when I saw this lady dip her head and take the pestle between her lips, fellating the stone shaft. She stood then, and looked me straight in the eye, then down at my crotch. I was hunched with pain as my cock tried to drill out of my pants.

She scanned the rack of cooking implements and picked up a heavy bamboo spatula and the paddle-shaped cheese board. She replaced the stone pestle, then slapped the cheeseboard against her thigh. The lady looked at me again, then turned away. At the end of the aisle she looked back and gave me a flick of the head, and I jerked forward as if she had me on a leash. She walked towards the back of the store, still carrying the two utensils.

She moved purposefully to the back of the store and the changing rooms. She walked into the aisle of changing cubicles and strode down the line to the end room with me following along like a little dog. The room was double-sized and intended for assisted persons. This lady certainly seemed to want my assistance, so I entered the room with her.

Inside, she put her finger to my lips, hushing me. She unzipped her skirt, stepped from it and folded it neatly, placing it on the bench. She then bent from the waist, placed her hands on the same bench so that her back was parallel to the floor. She stood with her legs set straight and her feet about a foot and a half apart. From behind I could see that the nylons were hold-ups and finished at mid-thigh. Above them, the creamy flesh of her thighs led to a pair of lace panties in the same charcoal grey as her blouse.

She looked back at me and handed me the bamboo spatula. I took it as if it was on fire, not sure where this would lead me. She wriggled her butt and stared back over her shoulder. Taking the message I swatted her with the tool. She wriggled again and thrust out her buttocks, so I hit slightly harder, landing a half-dozen swats on her pantied backside. The sound seemed so loud in the confined space.

After my lightweight attempt she sighed, stood up and turned to me. She swiftly unbuckled my belt and unfastened my pants. She yanked down my pants and underwear in one swift move. My prick sprang up, free at last. She moved so quickly then. Her hand was behind my neck and with a twist and turn, and suddenly I was off balance and pitching towards the wall. I put my hands out to save myself and they landed on the bench next to her folded skirt. She picked up the spatula from where I had dropped it as I fell, then proceeded to demonstrate most clearly how she wanted me to wield the weapon. She rained down spanks on my bare bum cheeks with ferocity and intensity, whacking each cheek rhythmically, left, right, left, right. After 20 or more hard smacks to each side, she dragged me up, handed back the spatula, then resumed her position.

This time I don’t hold back. I was standing here, pants at my ankles, bum burning and cock hard and dripping. I’ll show this lady, I thought. I swung back and unleashed a volley at her panty clad cheeks, 6, 8, 10 smacks to each side. I desperately wanted to see her bare flesh then, to spank her naked buttocks and sink my shaft into her warm, wet pussy if I got the chance. I reached forward, hooked a finger in her knicker waistband and began easing the lacy fabric down, exposing her delicious cheeks to my view. I kept tugging slowly until her bum was bare and her knickers were at the top of her thighs. At that point she spread her legs wider so the panties would only descend to her upper thighs. I was in her hands, so I wasn’t going to push it.

My view had improved 100% even in this position. I took in the sight of her beautiful ass completely bare, the reddening from my spanking evident on her creamy skin. I forgot the spanking as I stroked the smooth skin and drifted my finger down her bum cleft and she pushed herself out further, spreading her cheeks with her movement. Encouraged, I stroked further and tickled her anus, then reached down to cup her wet pussy in my palm. She wriggled away again, sighed once more and stood. This time she grabbed me by my rock hard dick and squeezed tightly.

I was grinning like an idiot now she was finally giving my cock some attention, when she suddenly tugged hard and down. I followed the lead of my manhood, eager to avoid having it ripped from my body, and I again pitched forward onto the bench once more. This time she picked up the cheese board paddle and whacked me again, again and again. This one hurt way more than the spatula. The wooden board was three-quarter board,6 inches wide and 12 inches long, with a handle portion in addition. Swiftly the sting built and I twisted to escape. Standing to the side of me, she reached down, grabbed my balls and pulled them back between my legs. I was trapped and powerless. The slightest movement from me and she squeezed my balls in her firm grip. She now stood to my side and delivered a vicious flurry of paddle smacks to my right cheek, the board covering my whole ass cheek and the top part of my thigh. These smacks stung like the devil and my whole right bum cheek was on fire. She then transferred her ball-grip to the other hand and proceeded to thrash my left bum cheek and upper thigh.

When she was done, she knocked the back of my knees and I stumbled. She turned me, then bent so her ass was in my face. I moved my head forward and shoved my tongue into her bum crack. I pulled her cheeks apart so I could lick her bum hole and then trailed my tongue along her perineum to her cunt. I lapped at her from behind, sucking and licking at her clit and fucking her with my tongue. After a few minutes of this attention she shuddered and came, holding herself up with her hands against the stall wall.

After a minute, she straightened and pulled me to my feet, then dropped to her knees. She took the head of my penis into her mouth and lapped at the tip. Her tongue flicked at the slit and she lapped up the clear sticky fluid now oozing out. She nipped along my shaft and down to my balls. She sucked hard on my balls, popping each in turn into her mouth and squeezing them between her teeth, biting just a little too hard. She nipped at my ball sac, then turned her attention back to my shaft which was now twitching in anticipation. She squeezed my hot ass cheeks as she devoured me, sucking and fucking me with her mouth whilst she pumped my shaft vigorously in her fist. Behind me, her fingers explored my bum crack, until she found my anus. As she felt my orgasm growing she dug a sharp manicured nail into my tight hole and I shot my load into her mouth.

I sagged against the wall, drained. She stood, wiped her lips and dragged her cum-stained fingers across my T-shirt. She pulled up her knickers, stepped back into her skirt and opened the stall door. She stepped out towards a middle aged woman with an armful of clothes to try. The woman stood agape at the sight of me with my limp dick hanging down. I turned my back to hide myself, only to reveal my glowing bum cheeks instead.

As the redhead passed the other woman she spoke. “Not quite what I was looking for, but feel free to try it for yourself,” she said, and handed the lady the board. The lady looked at the paddle now resting in her hand, then at my red ass. She dropped her shopping on the floor and hurried into the changing room with me.


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