Tennis Girl

Tennis Girl 450

1976: Tennis Girl by Martin Elliott featuring 18-year-old Fiona Butler

 This is a classic poster that graced my bedroom wall as a teenager. I do believe she may have been a primary cause of my bottom fetish. I thank you Fiona. I didn’t know her name back then, and didn’t care. All I could imagine was meeting someone so risqué and carefree, and having my way with her right there on the court. Oh how often I would have imagined her, as attested by the stiff bed sheets and piles of Kleenex under my bed. How many other young men wanked themselves blind at the sight of that beautiful bottom so enticingly displayed? And now I am a spanking aficionado, the image has still more potential.


She knows she is being brattish and she has set this scene up with one intention only. Her hips sway as she swaggers toward the net, ankles turning in as she steps.She reaches down to scratch her leg, then slides her hand upwards onto her bum, lifting her tennis skirt and flashing her bare buttocks. This lack of underwear is a blatant disregard for court protocol, and she is deliberately teasing her watching partner. She takes a step forward, then bends from the waist to collect the tennis balls lying before her. She does so slowly, bending from the waist. As she does her oh-so-short tennis skirt rides up revealing more and more of that perfect teenage ass and the secret treasures nestled beneath. At full bend, her bum cheeks are spread wide. Her bottom-hole peeks out of its hidden valley, and her pussy lips are parted slightly, revealing her excitement at the lewd game she is playing.

The man walk up behind her as she bends, her hand reaching out to pick up the balls. His tennis shorts are tented by the erection she knows she created. He walks behind her, swings his racquet back and delivers a forearm swing. The racquet head connects with the girl’s delightful derriere, causing her to stumble forward and place both hands on the court surface to steady herself. His strike has left a faint checkerboard pattern across her firm cheeks. Now she is in a stable position he swings again, delivering another half-dozen with the racquet before casting it away. He then reaches down, takes her hand and walks her to the net, where he gently leans her over the top. Reaching down, she intertwines her fingers in the net for purchase. The man flicks the micro skirt out of the way and delivers a firm open-handed spanking to the girl’s tightly stretched buttocks, reddening up her creamy skin. He doesn’t count the blows. He just keeps on spanking her until her bottom cheeks are just the right shade of red and her readiness is evident by the wetness of her pussy.

He reaches his hand between her legs to cup her mound. Two fingers in and it’s clear she is definitely ready for cock. The man unzips and drops his shorts. He strokes his cock, lubricating the head with the clear liquid oozing from the tip. Using his cock like a paintbrush he trails the head down her bum cleft, leaving a sticky line shimmering in the sunlight. He pauses to push his wet tip gently against her tight sphincter, feeling the resistance as she opens slightly behind to the blunt invader. He’s not intending to take her anal virginity, not today at any rate. Instead he dips his shaft between her legs, teasing her lips and clitoris with his knob end. With his shaft thoroughly wetted he docks himself and slides straight into her eager cunt.

She is bent tight over the net and his cock is up to the hilt in her pussy. He begins driving in and out, relishing her youthful tightness gripping his hard shaft. He looks down and is amused to see her anus pulsating slightly with the fucking, so he wets a finger in her pussy juice and slides it into her tight opening. He presses against the walls inside and feels the pressure of his finger against his cock through the thin membrane, feels his shaft sliding in and out as he fucks this beautiful girl in the open air on this beautiful summer day.  The extra pressure is too much for the pair, and he shoots inside her as she comes, the net taking their weight as they sag in climax. She looks back over her shoulder and speaks, “New balls please!”

Oh Tennis Girl, here we go again. Such Summer delight!


  1. Rudi, I never had the poster but this has always been a favorite photo of mine. So erotic on so many levels. I love the scenario you so vividly described. Great job. 🙂

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