Bekki & Jade pt 2

We left Bekki as she reached orgasm under Jade’s tongue. If you want a recap, head here for Bekki & Jade pt 1.


Image sourced thru Google

Image sourced thru Google

Bekki lay exhausted, slowly coming down from the orgasmic high her friend had gifted her. Jade propped herself on her elbows, looking up at her friend from her position between Bekki’s spread knees. Jade gently stroked the neat triangle of brown fuzz covering Bekki’s pubic mound.

“I could shave you, you know. You’d look dead sexy,” Jade said.

Bekki lifted her head and glanced down at her friend. “You could. It would cost you though.”

“Why a price?” asked Jade, toying idly with a springy tuft. She suddenly tugged. “Maybe I should just pluck you like a chicken!”

Bekki yelped at the sudden pinch of pain. Jade laughed and pinched another tuft of hair and tweaked it painfully. Bekki twisted to get away, flipping herself over onto her belly to hide herself from further abuse. Jade quickly got to her knees and leapt onto her friend’s back, pinning her down. Jade was facing backwards on Bekki, looking towards her feet. She whacked her hand down on Bekki’s unprotected bum, and then proceeded to play her like a bongo drum. Jade rained hard slaps down with both hands, left, right, left, right.

“OW, you bitch! That’s too much!” Bekki screamed. She squealed and struggled to get out from under Jade but she was pinned firmly.

Bekki reached backwards with her arm and pinched Jade just below her right buttock, squeezing and twisting in an attempt to dislodge her friend. Jade yelped and batted Bekki’s hand away, then she reached round, pulled Bekki’s arms down and pinned them with her legs. Bekki was trapped, and Jade began to spank her in earnest. She focused on her left buttock first, slapping down hard with her right hand, palm open and fingers spread and stiff for maximum impact. Jade saw her palm print appear white with each smack, then suffuse with red as the blood rushed to the injured area. Bekki squealed and wriggled to escape the onslaught, while Jade laughed and smacked.

With Bekki’s left cheek now a blotchy red, Jade twisted her seat to begin assaulting Bekki’s right cheek. As she did so, Bekki bucked and twisted, unseating her rider. The pair grappled, naked and sweating, laughing and panting. Bekki saw her chance and acted swiftly. She released her grip on Jade’s arm and grabbed for the breast swinging in front of her. She grabbed Jade’s nipple and twisted. Jade yelped and tried to pull free, and Bekki, suddenly with the upper hand, flipped her friend over and pinned her.

From beneath, Jade complained, “That was not fair. Tits are out of bounds!”

Bekki grinned, “I didn’t know we had rules – you didn’t share. Naughty Girl!” Bekki smacked Jade with her palm. Not satisfied, she looked around and saw her sandal next to her pile of clothes. She grabbed at it.

“Looks like we’re moving this up a level,” Bekki declared, and larruped Jade’s bum with the smooth, flat sole. Jade howled and struggled, but Bekki held her firm. “Not yet!” she said, and delivered another volley of smacks, peppering Jade’s bum with oval red imprints. “Now we’re even,” she said, and released Jade from her grip.

Jade rubbed her sore bum. She looked at Bekki and pouted, “You hurt – I think you need to kiss me better.”

Bekki smiled. “Well, I do owe you one, I guess. Get on your knees; I want to do you from behind.”

Jade scurried over and set herself on her knees, red bum high and knees spread. Bekki bent her tongue to her friend’s bum and trailed a wet path down her cleft. She flicked her tongue around Jade’s tight wrinkled rosebud and then carried on down to eat out her pussy.


To be continued…

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