Vaginal Bats


Eliza Jane was worried. Her pussy kept eating men.

It happened when she was fucking, and not just now and then.

Her lovers would get busy, drilling her with delight,

And then they started screaming, when her pussy took a bite.

Her doctor examined her deeply, his diagnosis made her sick.

“You have vaginal bats, my dear. They feed upon fresh prick.”

“The treatment’s long and painful, but we must follow a regime,

It sounds most harsh and cruel, but we need to be extreme.”

“Do what you must my doctor, I fear I cannot wait.

My sexual urge is growing, I need to copulate.”

“We start with a solid spanking. The vibrations disturb their rest.

And then I fuck you anally, to push them from your nest.”

“Oh doctor, that sounds awful. Do you know what you are doing?

A doctor, giving spankings, and then a dirt road screwing!”

“The case you have is nasty, the treatment is severe.

I’ll cleanse your pussy properly, but you’ll suffer a sore rear.”

“Now bend and take my paddle, my belt and then my crop.

When your bum is red and glowing, I’ll know it’s time to stop.”

“And then I’ll spread your buttocks, expose your tradesman’s way.

I’ll lubricate, then fuck you. Just once, I think, today.”

“Your bats will not leave easily, they like it in your nest.

So the treatment is repeated. Twice a week, I find is best.”

“Your bum will hurt, your anus stretch, but what a small price to pay.

For when we’re done with treatment, you can copulate all day.”


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      1. I agree, and I enjoy the light heartedness of your oh so sexy and intriguing words.

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