Cutting the Mustard

My boss is kinda evil, she likes to whip my bum,

She likes to take my pants down, and beat me like a drum.


I screwed up really badly, I know I did, it’s true,

So I’ll bend and take it stoically as she spanks me black and blue.


She knows I try my hardest. I really, really do,

But when she starts demanding, I haven’t got a clue.


Last week, when I messed up, by ordering too much,

She spanked me with a ruler, and called me such a klutz!


And then I told her secretary I liked her glossy hair,

Boss told me I was sexist, and pulled down my underwear.


In front of all the ladies, my willy was on show,

Their gazes were enticing, and he began to grow.


The ladies laughed and pointed, they made me go all red.

Boss said, “Just keep it up girls, and I’ll spank all you instead.”

Then in the  open office, she caned me good and tight,

My bum was fairly glowing. It made for quite a sight.


One day I took a notebook. She said, “It’s wrong to steal,”

As she spanked me with her court shoe, and then she copped a feel.


She squeezed and tugged my willy. She made him stand up tall.

And then she laughed, and smacked my balls, so I was hard and sore.


Today though was a grave mistake. My worst offence to date,

I tried to tell her what I’d done, but alas it was too late.


She sent me out to get her lunch, a sandwich made with rye.

“No mustard though!” was her last word, “I like my sandwich dry.”


I  went and got her what she sought, rye bread with no mustard.

But the Subway girl was such a flirt, she got me quite flustered.


I bought a bun of whole wheat bread, with Coleman’s extra strong,

And when Boss took her first big bite, I knew I’d got it wrong.


Her face went red, her hair stood up. She looked quite dragonly,

I quaked, and shook, and then I spoke. A squeak – not manfully.


“I’m sorry Miss. Is something wrong?” My voice rose a full whole measure,

She stood erect, at five foot two, and bellowed her displeasure.


“Young man I’ve had it, that’s quite enough. Your bum will feel my leather.”

“Outside I think will be quite nice. We’re having such lovely weather.”


And so out here, I’m all on show, my cock and balls are swaying,

My arse is high, my legs spread wide, my hands together, praying.


I’m hoping no-one passes by, and sees me on display,

Or stops to ask directions, and pass the time of day.


They’ll see me get my just desserts, a paddling for sure,

Miss Boss might say I’ve had enough, or choose to give me more.


You may wonder why I stay, and work in this regime?

Well wouldn’t you, if every day fulfilled a spanking dream?


She makes me sting, she makes me dance, she plays a merry tune,

She leaves my bum quite glowing and my dick swelled like a balloon.


With willy stiff and bum so hot, I will head off to the loo,

And there I’ll wank off gleefully, erupting my white goo.



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