Some spanking limericks

I once knew a girl from Peru

imageWho knew what she wanted to do

She made me bend double

And said ‘you’re in trouble’

And then spanked my bum black and blue


There was a young man from Japan

Who asked to be spanked with a fan

The girls who accepted

Were always rejected

Coz he wanted to be spanked by a man


I knew a fine girl who fellated

And readily she copulated

But what she liked most

Was being tied to a post

To be spanked, while anally dilated


If I said I had a longing for pain

Would you spank me with your rattan cane?

Then could we fuck?

My cock – would you suck?

I would be eternally grateful – again!


    1. There was a man with a humorous mind
      Who was also spanking inclined
      Whether hot bums or not,
      The guy never forgot
      Sex, fun and spanking are all of a kind

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