Month: July 2014

Puzzler’s Delight



You know what it’s like. There you are, sitting on the beach when all of a sudden you’re overtaken by the spanking urge. What’s to be done? You could risk a charge of lewd behaviour or indecent exposure I suppose. Instead, though, why not keep those fires stoked and engage in a little intellectual stimulation in preparation for the stimulation of the lower regions when privacy allows.

This is where my latest offering to you all comes into play. Many of us like to do puzzles when we’re relaxing during summer vacations. It’s tough to find the right ones, though. You know, when you want to spank or be spanked, but it’s just not possible, so you’re looking for some titillation to bide you over. Or maybe you’re looking for inspiration for your Couples Game Night?
Here is the answer to your prayers. A (fairly) simple crossword with a spanking theme. I’m no cruciverbalist so please allow me some leeway in the design of this puzzle. I simply offer you this for your use and delight in many potential ways:

  1. As a personal diversion when relaxing in your deck chair. I suggest legs crossed for the gentlemen to avoid beach shorts tenting.
  2. A competitive game between two ‘switchers’. First to finish gets to spank the loser. One stripe for every letter wrong or incomplete.
  3. Same as 2, but for your Sub. Set him/her a ridiculously short time limit and then spank them for every space left unfilled or incorrect
  4. As a prompt for your games – use every implement and position hidden in the puzzle

Any other suggestions? I’m always happy to hear about your exploits.
WordPress doesn’t seem to want to show an image of this PDF file, but if you click on XWORD below, it should open up the puzzle for you to view or print, as you wish.

Click here to find the puzzle >>>>>   XWORD


And recognising that you all might want to check the responses to ensure an accurate spanking count, here is the answer sheet. No cheating though. That would lead to an automatic disqualification and a swift dozen with Miranda’s crop.

Click here for the answer sheet >>>>>XWORD ANSWERS





My first is in smack, as my hand strikes your bum


My second starts a weapon to heat up the fun


My third is your sound as the count starts to grow


My fourth is in pain as your bum starts to glow


My fifth is in knee where you raise your bum high


My whole is a sound, an act and a game,

that ends in joint pleasure and red cheeks aflame.

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If a girl wants a spanking, it’s sexy, cute and hot,

But if forced upon her, it’s most definitely not.

He who holds the prospect of buttock stripery,

Holds too the skill – mind reading mastery.

Your girl may seem unwilling; she may cry with stamp of feet,

Your role, as protector, is to recognize her need.

To know when you must hold her, and stroke her soft and slow

And when to tie her down, and spank her til,it glows

Some days she may want spanking. Some days she may crave more,

Some days she needs your loving touch to excite her to the core.

Some days she may need both, of course. It’s her female prerogative,

Your role, as her protector, is to know, and then to give.

The power play is not, it seems, as clear as we might like,

The one with all the cards to play, is the one whose butt has stripes.

The ‘submissive’ role is nothing more than an actress at her peak,

Who knows just how to get you, to give her what she seeks.

So if you like to spank her, and she’s willing to submit,

Just know, she has your bollocks in her pretty vice like grip.

She chooses to allow you to exercise your might,

And when she says she’s had enough, you’d best not put up a fight.

She will freely let you spank her, and make her bottom sting,

If you know just when to strike the blow, or do that special thing.

Treat her right and you will both enjoy a sex-filled life of play,

Be warned though if you get it wrong, she will surely make you pay.

For if she so decided, she could leave right out the door

Right after she has nailed your bollocks to the floor.



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Toby’s Tale


Poor Toby had a problem,

He knew not what to do.

Despite his best endeavours,

He didn’t have a clue.


See, Toby’s little secret,

The thing he held so dear,

Was that he craved a spanking,

And a red and painful rear.


But Toby was a lonely lad,

He knew no willing lass,

To whom he could turn, openly,

And ask to spank his ass.


He tried to spank himself one day,

With a paddle, and a shoe.

He whaled away with vigour,

‘Til his bum was black and blue.


This satisfied him somewhat,

But not the whole degree.

A lady’s touch was called for,

To set his pleasure free.


Technology released him,

From his poor, forsaken state.

When through his cyber-searching,

Came forth his perfect mate.


Suzie came on Tuesday,

She yanked his undies down.

And took him over bended knee,

Then wrapped her arm around.


She pulled her arm back sharply,

Her first spank hard and true,

Toby jerked and bucked unwittingly,

And gave Suzie the brown eye view.


Not one to take things lightly,

She set about his naked buns.

With hairbrush, hand and ruler,

‘Til his cheeks were red as plums.


And though she had him blubbing,

She spanked his bottom still.

She whupped him with a rattan cane,

Until she knew he’d had his fill.


Poor Toby couldn’t sit all week,

He had to stand to eat.

His poor bruised bottom smarted,

If he lowered it to a seat.


Yet once his bum was healthy,

His urges rose again.

His bottom tingled daily,

At the thought of exquisite pain.


And so he dialled the number,

And called dear Suzie’s home.

So now they meet up weekly,

And chat daily, on the phone.


Toby’s bum is glowing now,

More often than it’s not.

And he is most enchanted,

So grateful for his lot.


Touching your Toes


Touching your toes,

Oh, Heaven knows,

Is the hardest position to hold

Bottom stretched taught

Feeling quite fraught

Striving to do as you’re told

First smacks land

Red imprinted hand

A delightful sight to behold

Two dozen more

Getting quite sore

Your petals begin to unfold

Belt now for nine

Feeling sublime

A shiver, but not from the cold

Zip rasps down

You look round

My erection is rigid and bold

Cool breeze wafts by

Your sightless brown eye

Defenceless to my meaty probe

Buttocks thrust high

A moan and a sigh

Pain and pleasure your secret code.

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Spanking Games pt 2

You can read part 1 here.


Adam drove home like a demon when his shift ended. Thoughts of the session to come with Amy filled his mind. Arriving, he parked up and dashed indoors – only to find the apartment deserted. Adam looked around and checked his messages for any news of Amy’s whereabouts. Nothing. Deflated, Adam took a beer from the fridge and flopped down on the sofa.

Just before 7pm the door opened and Amy came in with her gym bag over her shoulder.

“What’s for dinner?” she called out.

“I, er, I, I thought you were cooking,” Adam stammered.

“You know the first one home starts dinner.” Amy smiled inwardly. Adam had played right into her hands, as she knew he would. She stared at Adam, knowing she had the upper hand. “I knew you’d forget, so I already ate with Bekki. So I’m good to go.”

Adam’s ears perked up at hearing the name of Amy’s best friend, and his favourite sex fantasy.“Why were you at Bekki’s?”

“I picked up a few things for your games. Bekki’s got a bit of a kinky side, and she said we could borrow her stuff.”

Adam was shocked. “You told Bekki? What did you say?”

“Oh nothing you need worry about. We talk about everything. Surely you know that? She said she might pop by later to see how we’re making out.” Amy looked up to read Adam’s reaction. “Sounds like it could be fun,” she said.

Adam swallowed hard and tried to act nonchalant at the potential for a threesome spanking party, but Amy could see right through him. She knew the night would definitely go her way.

“Okay, well I’m going to get ready. Give me 20 minutes. You can clean up down here, then get your ass in the bedroom. Better not be late.”

Adam quickly cleaned up and then sat on the sofa, watching the clock. Not wanting to seem too keen, he flicked around the TV channels. After a half hour had passed he headed down the corridor to the bedroom. He pushed the door open and stepped inside – and stopped in his tracks.

“Hi slowcoach. I do believe you are…” Amy checked the bedside clock, “just over 10 minutes late. We can deal with that later.” Adam stood with his mouth agape. “What’s the matter Adam, don’t you like my outfit? I thought we should get into character.”

Amy did a twirl, and Adam absorbed the sight of his girlfriend’s super fit figure encased in a black leather basque, fishnet stockings, high heels and nothing else. She stood before him, hands on hips as Adam took in the delightful sight of Amy from the ground up. Heels, stocking-clad legs leading to a length of soft, smooth upper thigh. At the divide of those thighs he saw that Amy had shaved herself completely, much to his delight. The basque pushed her tits upwards and together. As she slowly turned, Adam drank in the delightful view of her buttocks, the creamy twin moons framed above by the basque and below by the stocking tops.

Amy brought him sharply out of his reverie. “Are you going to drool all over the floor, or are you going to strip and get this party started?”

Adam wrenched at his belt and tugged down his pants and underwear, stumbling as he tried to pull the pant legs over his shoes. He hopped for a moment before stumbling against the bed. His legs remained bound by his pants and his stiff dick bounced and twitched like a water diviner’s rod. He fell on the bed, face down, and Amy stepped quickly forward to deliver a volley of spanks to his bare bum.

“Oww. What was that for?” Adam cried out as he struggled out of her reach. As he tried to stand his bound feet caused him to fall. He stumbled backwards and landed heavily on his rump. Amy was on him in a second. She quickly straddled his body, facing his feet. She hooked her feet over his arms, pinning him, then sat back, forcing him to lay down. She wriggled back further so that her naked bum was positioned over his face. Adam looked up as Amy’s smoothly shaven sex and bum rapidly descending towards him, and Amy wriggled to position her pussy for his tongue.

“Make yourself useful down there, if you know what’s good for you,” Amy instructed. Adam began to probe her and lick her pussy as Amy tugged his shoes off. She then took hold of the pants that were wrapped around his legs and jack-knifed his body, bending him double with his legs tucked under her left arm. His bum was lifted clear of the ground and she had open access to his cock, balls and bum. With him well trussed she began smacking his bum hard with her open hand. Adam tried to cry out, but his attempts were muffled as Amy pressed her sex down onto his face.

“Keep working down there. I’m smacking ’til you bring me off,” ordered Amy, as she larruped Adam’s upended bum. She focused several hard smacks onto the soft flesh of his widely stretched bum cleft, and spanked him hard on his bum hole. The stinging shock waves had him writhing to escape her blows, but he was no match for Amy’s gym-toned physique, and she continued to spank his bum and thighs. The more he bucked, the harder she smacked, so he redoubled his efforts with his tongue as the only escape from the thrashing he was receiving. This was not going to plan!

As temporary respite, Amy turned her attention to his cock, which had by now deflated. As soon as her fingers touched him his shaft shot up again, like a puppy looking for a treat. Amy squeezed his shaft roughly, then did the same to his ball sac. Adam squealed as she squeezed a little too hard, and she went back to teasing his shaft. After several hard pumps he was oozing pre-cum so Amy rolled the palm of her hand over the tip, using the clear fluid as a lubricant and teasing the ultra-sensitive flesh with her palm. She felt he must be near to orgasm, so she left his cock bobbing wildly, and used her now wet finger to probe his stretched and defenceless anus. Her sticky finger pushed past the tight ring of muscle and she probed him deeply before pulling out and delivering another set of open handed smacks right on his puckered hole, once, twice, three times. As she did so, she felt her own orgasm building, and she settled back to enjoy the ride.

Beneath, Adam felt Amy tense, shudder and collapse as she reached orgasm. She released his legs and rolled off him. Both lay still for several minutes. Adam was trying to process the assault he had just received, the stinging in his tail, the tingling in his bum hole and the rawness in his cock head. He was trying to figure out how this night had been turned 180 degrees, so that he had become spankee. He was also trying to process why he seemed to like it so much. He definitely liked the feisty side of Amy. Did he enjoy the spanking? He stroked his erection, still oozing pre-cum, and reached back to gently soothe the tender skin of his bum cleft as he did so. He definitely liked the new feelings, he decided.

Amy was coming down from a delightful orgasm, the first of many she intended Adam to give her before the night was done. She turned, and spoke softly, “That’s for not cooking dinner. Now we can deal with your tardiness, before we get down to this game you wanted to play tonight.”

Adam looked over and saw the gleam in Amy’s eye. He knew he would have lots more opportunity to figure if he liked this new side of their relationship before this night was done.

To be continued …