Spanking Games pt 1


image“So, let me get this straight. You reckon guys have a higher pain threshold than girls?” Amy was actually amazed at the comment Amy stared incredulously at her boyfriend, sitting at the other end of the sofa. They were watching Survivor and commenting on the strengths and weaknesses of the competitors.

Adam backtracked his argument. “Na, babies, that’s different. Biology takes over. And you get drugs. What I meant was, men can take more regular pain than women.”

“Right. Biology.” Amy snorted. “Women can take way more than men, every time. Men might be stronger, but women are tougher. In fact, I bet I’m even stronger than you.”

Adam couldn’t argue that last point. Amy was super fit. He knew she could probably beat him in endurance, if not in outright strength. He stood up and walked into the kitchen to grab a beer, and called out from a safe distance.

“Alright, let’s put it to the test. I’ll bet you my pain threshold is higher than yours.” He waited for Amy’s reaction, hoping she didn’t guess his plan. In the six months they had lived together they had become quite adventurous sexually, and they also found they were very competitive. Adam was hoping he could bring both aspects together to satisfy a lusting he had been having lately. Amy had been reading 50 Shades of Grey and she’d seemed pretty turned on by the plot, if the vigorous sex that ensued was anything to go by. Adam had been looking for a good excuse to spank Amy and this might just give him the opportunity.

Amy called back from the sofa. “And I suppose you’ve got a way to test this theory?”

Adam came back in and sat on the armchair facing Amy. “I’m sure we could find a way to prove how much more I can take than you. You know I’m right. Nothing dangerous or damaging, just good old fashioned fun.”

Amy stared back, “And knowing you it also leads to you getting laid?”

“Well, most things we do end up in bed. Why not this too?”

“You’re not suggesting piercing anything, or some crazy shit off the internet?”

“No, Christ no, nothing like that, just a bit of fun, like you’ve been reading.”

“Ah what the fuck, I’m going to regret this, but let’s hear your plan.” Amy sat back, crossed her arms and waited.

“We have a little spanking contest. You spank me, I spank you. Like 50 Shades. First one to call it quits has to give the other whatever they want in bed.” Adam smiled as he delivered his master plan. He had challenged her feminist streak and added a bet to needle her competitive streak. Game, set and match.

“You want us to spank each other? And if I lose you want me to suck your dick? What do I get if you lose – you’d still get laid?” Snorts of derision accompanied this scathing summary of Adam’s careful manoeuvrings.

“Well, no, there’s more to it than that. We need rules and stuff. And I didn’t say I wanted a blowjob. The loser has to do whatever the winner wants. Besides, you might win.” This was not going as he’d planned, and Adam could feel his plan being derailed as he spoke, but he couldn’t back down now. Not with the chance of spanking Amy’s gorgeous derriere so close.

Amy considered for a moment. This might actually be fun. “Okay. I’m up for it, but since it was your stupid suggestion, I make the rules.”

“Yeah, yeah, of course. Whatever you say, Amy.” Adam would accept any terms if it meant he actually got to peel down Amy’s knickers and bring a sweet red glow to those cheeks.

“Okay, you’re on. I’ll figure out the rules, and the loser submits to whatever the winner wants. I’m going to need to think about this. Let’s do it tomorrow night.” Adam couldn’t believe his luck. She’d agreed to be spanked, and he could choose anything for his prize when he won. He came out of his daydream for a moment and glanced over at Amy. She sighed. “You can wipe that smug grin off your face, schmuck. You don’t know what you just let yourself in for.”


All the next day at the hardware store, Adam could barely concentrate on anything. Twice he served the wrong product to a customer, and now he was wandering round the warehouse in a daze. All he could think about was finally getting to spank Amy. He didn’t want to go too far, too fast. He wanted to make this a regular part of their sex life, not because he wanted to hurt her, just because he found the whole idea of her bum so fucking sexy.

He spent the morning in a daze, his mind conjuring up images of Amy in different spanking poses. He imagined laying her across his lap, then lifting the hem of her short summer skirt up over her back. The image of her tiny lacy knickers played in his mind. He considered whether he should spank her over her knickers first, then pull them down, or go straight for the bare bum spanking. Over knickers first, he decided. So in his mental movie theatre he imagined bringing his palm down across her pantied bottom. Nice, firm spanks. Maybe five minutes like that, then I will pull down her knickers and bunch them at her knees. Mmmm yes. Adam thought: I can stroke her pinkened bum, drag a finger up and down her bum crack. As my fingers carry on down I know I will find her pussy wet and waiting, she will be so turned on by the spanking. Then I will give her some good, hard smacks across her naked bum cheeks. She will moan and ask for more.

‘Oh fuck’ Adam said to himself, ‘I’m gonna enjoy this!’

His reverie was broken by a little old lady tapping him sharply on the shoulder. “Excuse me, young man. Are you listening? I’m looking for your bamboo canes. My tomatoes are wilting and I need to get them stiffened up again.”

Adam stumbled off with the lady in train, painfully aware of the erection which was now caught up in his underwear. He found the canes and the lady went off satisfied. Alone now in the garden department, Adam took a four foot bamboo and swished it experimentally. ‘I wonder if she’ll let me cane her?’ he thought. He glanced around, checking no-one was nearby, then whacked a bag of peat with the rod. ‘Wonder what that would feel like?’ he thought. He gave the bag another sharp cut, and then pushed his hand down the top of his pants to free up his erection once again. He gave himself a squeeze. He was so turned on it was painful. He knew he had to finish the job, so he went off to the bathrooms, locked himself in a stall and eased his throbbing cock out of his pants.

His cock sprang up, glad to be free, and Adam began to squeeze and stroke himself as he mentally positioned Amy for spanking. He imagined her naked on the bed, kneeling and resting on her elbows with bum well up and knees spread. He loved that position for doggy, with her pussy open and on display, eager for fucking. He absolutely loved the way her arse cheeks spread open, showing her little dark hole. When he won, he wondered if he should get her to let him fuck her there? The thought made his cock twitch in his hand and he gave himself a tight squeeze.

Turning his mind back to the spanking, he imagined himself wiping his cock tip up and down her bum crack, painting her arse and pussy with his clear juices and making himself extra hard. She would be moaning and thrusting back at him when he began his spanking, bringing his hand down across Amy’s deliciously spread cheeks, lightly at first, but then harder and harder as she moaned and begged for more. Adam’s cock leaked out clear fluid at the thought and he lubricated himself with this pre-cum, spreading the sticky lubricant up and down his shaft as he pumped with his fist. He squeezed his balls with his left hand as his mind continued to spank Amy.

He now had Amy across his lap and he was spanking her with her wooden hairbrush, bringing a red glow to her cheeks as she groaned and writhed, enjoying every minute. He imagined taking the brush handle and fucking her with it, bringing her to the edge of orgasm before continuing his spanks. His cock was harder than ever so he eased off his strokes and massaged his balls, not wanting to come yet. Instead he flipped his mental image so that Amy was touching her toes, feet spread apart to reveal her glistening pussy. He imagined taking the bamboo cane and bringing it down across the middle of her ripe cheeks. She would cry and then ask for more. In his mind he brought the cane down three, four, five times as he felt his orgasm building and his attention shifted entirely to the action in his fist. He jerked, came and then stroked himself down from the heights as he pumped himself dry. Finally he cleaned himself up and left the stall.

Adam continued in a daze all afternoon, his mind drifting back to the spanking and sex session to come. Soon he was hard again, but he resisted the temptation of returning to the bathroom. He wanted to be full of steam when his time came to fuck Amy’s butthole after he’d beaten her in the spanking contest. Five o’clock could not come soon enough.


Read part 2 here.



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