Cunning Linguist


I’m a rampant cunning linguist, of that there is no doubt.

My tongue will drive you wild with glee, the words they pour right out.

I work this muscle with strict regime, to keep my strength intact,

To ensure my ‘nightly readings’ have the necessary impact.

I make my muscle stiff and thick, or soft like creme brûlée,

I can wrap it into tightest knots, I’m always ripe for play.

Tongue twisters are a favourite, your cunning stunt is mine,

Yes, I’m a pussy licker, your sweetness is divine.

At times I lust for dirty words, if you catch my drift, *wink wink*,

I seek out the chocolate rosebud, it’s my dark forbidden kink.

My work in your back garden doth pleasure you tonight,

With a nip, a lick, a nibble – it tickles and excites.

I probe your rectal channel and bite you on the bum,

Then lap up your perineum, to your cunt, to make you cum.

Deep there I hunt for clitty, buried deep within the ‘hood,

And now I coax her gently, ’til she’s standing up right good.

My thirst is quenched, I drank my fill, of pussy milk on tap,

Parting soft folds of wetness, a fine present to unwrap.

My multi-lingual skills delight, I’m sure you must agree,

Reciting Keats within your cunt excites a veritable spending spree.

My lingua franca is your pleasure, with reciprocation sought,

If soixante neuf is not your thing, this deed may grow quite fraught.

A meal we shared has much more pleasure, than dining all alone,

Your plate is fine, your taste divine, and you’re just sucking on a bone!

Keep up the game and I will too, we’re nearly at the end,

Just one more lap around the track and we’ll both be ripe to spend.

With rush of blood and rampant cock, my semen doth gush out,

For you to swallow down your throat, like water from the spout.

My words are gone, I’m all burnt out, you’ve swallowed my very core,

Pray leave me be for just a while. My tongue is just too sore.

I know, I know, you’re close again (gosh – always wanting more!)

I’m done, content, I need a rest. Please just rub your nub. ENCORE!


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