Toby’s Tale


Poor Toby had a problem,

He knew not what to do.

Despite his best endeavours,

He didn’t have a clue.


See, Toby’s little secret,

The thing he held so dear,

Was that he craved a spanking,

And a red and painful rear.


But Toby was a lonely lad,

He knew no willing lass,

To whom he could turn, openly,

And ask to spank his ass.


He tried to spank himself one day,

With a paddle, and a shoe.

He whaled away with vigour,

‘Til his bum was black and blue.


This satisfied him somewhat,

But not the whole degree.

A lady’s touch was called for,

To set his pleasure free.


Technology released him,

From his poor, forsaken state.

When through his cyber-searching,

Came forth his perfect mate.


Suzie came on Tuesday,

She yanked his undies down.

And took him over bended knee,

Then wrapped her arm around.


She pulled her arm back sharply,

Her first spank hard and true,

Toby jerked and bucked unwittingly,

And gave Suzie the brown eye view.


Not one to take things lightly,

She set about his naked buns.

With hairbrush, hand and ruler,

‘Til his cheeks were red as plums.


And though she had him blubbing,

She spanked his bottom still.

She whupped him with a rattan cane,

Until she knew he’d had his fill.


Poor Toby couldn’t sit all week,

He had to stand to eat.

His poor bruised bottom smarted,

If he lowered it to a seat.


Yet once his bum was healthy,

His urges rose again.

His bottom tingled daily,

At the thought of exquisite pain.


And so he dialled the number,

And called dear Suzie’s home.

So now they meet up weekly,

And chat daily, on the phone.


Toby’s bum is glowing now,

More often than it’s not.

And he is most enchanted,

So grateful for his lot.



      1. Balance? Huh, the thought never occurred to me. Hahaha
        (Ask bruisedbelly or Jayne if balance ever crosses my mind.) 😋
        You’re preaching to the choir my friend.

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