If a girl wants a spanking, it’s sexy, cute and hot,

But if forced upon her, it’s most definitely not.

He who holds the prospect of buttock stripery,

Holds too the skill – mind reading mastery.

Your girl may seem unwilling; she may cry with stamp of feet,

Your role, as protector, is to recognize her need.

To know when you must hold her, and stroke her soft and slow

And when to tie her down, and spank her til,it glows

Some days she may want spanking. Some days she may crave more,

Some days she needs your loving touch to excite her to the core.

Some days she may need both, of course. It’s her female prerogative,

Your role, as her protector, is to know, and then to give.

The power play is not, it seems, as clear as we might like,

The one with all the cards to play, is the one whose butt has stripes.

The ‘submissive’ role is nothing more than an actress at her peak,

Who knows just how to get you, to give her what she seeks.

So if you like to spank her, and she’s willing to submit,

Just know, she has your bollocks in her pretty vice like grip.

She chooses to allow you to exercise your might,

And when she says she’s had enough, you’d best not put up a fight.

She will freely let you spank her, and make her bottom sting,

If you know just when to strike the blow, or do that special thing.

Treat her right and you will both enjoy a sex-filled life of play,

Be warned though if you get it wrong, she will surely make you pay.

For if she so decided, she could leave right out the door

Right after she has nailed your bollocks to the floor.



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