Puzzler’s Delight



You know what it’s like. There you are, sitting on the beach when all of a sudden you’re overtaken by the spanking urge. What’s to be done? You could risk a charge of lewd behaviour or indecent exposure I suppose. Instead, though, why not keep those fires stoked and engage in a little intellectual stimulation in preparation for the stimulation of the lower regions when privacy allows.

This is where my latest offering to you all comes into play. Many of us like to do puzzles when we’re relaxing during summer vacations. It’s tough to find the right ones, though. You know, when you want to spank or be spanked, but it’s just not possible, so you’re looking for some titillation to bide you over. Or maybe you’re looking for inspiration for your Couples Game Night?
Here is the answer to your prayers. A (fairly) simple crossword with a spanking theme. I’m no cruciverbalist so please allow me some leeway in the design of this puzzle. I simply offer you this for your use and delight in many potential ways:

  1. As a personal diversion when relaxing in your deck chair. I suggest legs crossed for the gentlemen to avoid beach shorts tenting.
  2. A competitive game between two ‘switchers’. First to finish gets to spank the loser. One stripe for every letter wrong or incomplete.
  3. Same as 2, but for your Sub. Set him/her a ridiculously short time limit and then spank them for every space left unfilled or incorrect
  4. As a prompt for your games – use every implement and position hidden in the puzzle

Any other suggestions? I’m always happy to hear about your exploits.
WordPress doesn’t seem to want to show an image of this PDF file, but if you click on XWORD below, it should open up the puzzle for you to view or print, as you wish.

Click here to find the puzzle >>>>>   XWORD


And recognising that you all might want to check the responses to ensure an accurate spanking count, here is the answer sheet. No cheating though. That would lead to an automatic disqualification and a swift dozen with Miranda’s crop.

Click here for the answer sheet >>>>>XWORD ANSWERS



Tell me how you like it

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