Spanking Wishes


I really wanted spanking, but I knew not what to do

My Albert, he was lovely, but he didn’t have a clue

I tried just being naughty, and acting like a brat

He said to me amusedly, “you’re worse than having a cat”

I burnt his favourite shirt when ironing one night

He said, “No mind my dear. It was getting rather tight”

One day I didn’t cook for him. I just lay all day in bed

He got home feeling peckish – and got pizza in instead

One time I went out shopping, spending far too much on clothes

Albert smiled and shook his head. “It’s in your genes, I suppose”

So I took it one step further. I took my brush and said

“Please use this to correct me”. He simply brushed my head.

I bought a belt for him to use upon my womanly cheeks

He looped it though his pants and said, “I’ve been needing one for weeks”

A riding crop, a bamboo cane, a ruler – I bought him all these things

And yet he didn’t take the hint, to make my bottom sting

One day, when subtlety was done, I bared my butt and said

“If you don’t spank me hard right now, that’s it – we’re through. You’re dead!”

Albert stood, his mouth agape, he knew not what to say

I climbed up on the duvet and bent, as if to pray

My bum was high, my knees were spread. I screamed, “Do it now, you prick!”

“For if you leave me wanting, I’ll boil your frigging dick!”

“Oh Anne”, said he, “I can’t have this, your being very crude”

“Your bum up high, your parts exposed, now this is very rude”

“You’ve asked for this, and now you’ll pay. Your bottom it will smart”

“Just remember that you asked for this. I’m not stopping once I start”

Bert gathered all the items I had bought to inflict pain

The brush and ruler, crop and belt, and yes, he got the cane

He used each item thoroughly, and reddened up my cheeks

I screamed and bellowed, ‘Stop, I beg – I won’t sit down for weeks”

“Oh no”, said he,” I will not stop. You asked for this, alright?”

“Now hush and take your punishment. I’ll spank you well tonight”

“In fact I think I’ll spank you daily, before I venture out”

“To keep you on the proper track as a dutiful little spouse”

It’s been a month. My bottom burns. I can’t pull up my pants

For every day, and every night, Albert makes my bottom dance

I wish I hadn’t pushed him into spanking my behind

Instead, I should have spanked him for being friggin’ blind

I could have had him on his knees, and caned his little tush

Instead it’s me with a sore bum. Oh shoot, I’m such a klutz!


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