Would You?

Was there ever a ‘star’ more deserving of a good spanking than young Mylie?

Is this not simply asking for spanking? You can almost see the blush of the first whacks. She certainly needs much more though, if her brattishness is ever to be contained. I can tell you, dear readers, if I were Mylie’s manager, she would get a good hard spanking and be sent to bed.


Maybe age will soften her brashness, and polish the rough diamond into something as classy as that other former teenage songstress, Kylie.

This is one of my favourite, most-erotic pictures ever. Pics are courtesy of Google, of course, and appear to originate in either the Daily Mail or Sun newspapers.

There’s just enough suggestion here to fuel any fantasy. If you got that look, in that dress, from your significant other, you know you would be tripping as you try to yank your pants over your shoes. You know you are climbing those stairs on your knees with your feet tangled in your pants leg. You know you will no doubt slip as you climb, getting a carpet burn on your hard-on in the process.

Gentlemen, is there any one amongst you who would not follow that backside to the ends of the earth? Or at least, upstairs. I would even miss the end of the game, provided I had set the PVR. Such an action would be sufficient cause for a warm-up spanking to redden the bare flesh on show, then a longer session with naked cheeks to warm things through nicely downstairs. Just enough to achieve Rule # 182 of the Rules of a Gentleman:

rule gent


If I’ve managed to stem Old Faithful (unlikely given the lusciousness on show, but we can dream – we are after all) then it would most definitely be time to kiss EVERYTHING better, followed by some good old-fashioned lovemaking ’til the sun rises and the cock crows anew.

Ah, bliss. Sweet Dreams everyone!

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