Muddy Troubles

imageThere’s a place I went last summer,

That made my love pole stand up strong.

When the girls got down to swimming,

Wearing nothing but a thong.

It’s a place I loved so dearly,

Where I took my prick in hand.

With bouncing butts aplenty,

Playing ball games on the sand.

My camping site was sheltered,

‘neath the spreading willow tree.

I could lay in bed and watch them,

As their tits bounced loose and free.

One day as I lay watching,

A fine full bottomed lass,

I saw her peel her costume off,

And reveal her naked ass.

She stepped into the swimming hole,

Stark naked, without a care.

I took my chance, I stood up tall,

And shouted, ‘look out – a bear!’

She leapt out from the water,

With all her charms on show.

Tits bouncing as she dithered,

Not knowing where to go.

I pushed my luck and showed myself,

And called out from where I stood.

She looked, and turned to run to me,

And then slipped up, in the mud.

She landed hard, right on her bum,

Her legs shot to the sky.

I got a grandstand view of course,

Of her cunt, and little brown eye.

She slipped and slid and slithered,

Her legs flayed wide apart.

With every move she showed off more,

Of her delightful female charms.

My tent pole stood out rigid,

And poked out where I’d unzipped.

I went to help her out of there,

And then, of course, I tripped.

I fell right down on top of her,

An accident, I swear.

My rampant cock impaled her,

Deep within her secret lair.

I struggled to extract myself,

I swear I did, it’s true.

But as I pushed and struggled,

The mud stuck us there, like glue.

My button popped, my shorts fell down,

My naked bum shone white.

As I accidently fucked her,

As she lay there, in muddy plight.

She shrieked and screamed, she hit my chest,

She struggled to get loose.

With all the friction, I couldn’t stop,

My cock shot out love juice.

Nine months have passed since that fateful day,

Her belly now stretches tight.

Too soon I’ll be a daddy,

My God, now that’s a fright.

I know I caused this accident,

When I spied her in the sun.

I just wish that when I fucked her,

I’d slipped and fucked her bum.


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