Dance with the Devil


Hey boys!

When you’re finished

Playing your video games

When you’re done with your chips and

Your snooker frames

When your Madden is lost and

You’re all buddied out

And the 12 pack is cast out the door


 Come on up to my room

And prepare for some fun.

I’ll show you what games night is for

I’ll need three of you boys

to keep up with me

And four would be better all round


 You may think you’re all studs

Who can ride me all night

And drive me to pleasures unknown

But I’ve yet to see wood

Stay hard like it should

Through a whole night of pleasure

As you plunder my treasure

So we will fuck ‘til your cocks are no good


 And just so we’re clear

So there’s nothing to fear

I like to be rough

With spanking and stuff

And some anal and bondage, that’s fine

Just beware what you wish

When you scroll down that list

Coz the pleasure will always be mine


 The price you will pay

For having your way

Is double what you give to me

Please, spank me real tight

I can take it all night


And when your arm is too sore

And you’re ready to drop

I’ll be only to keen

To switch to the Top

Then you will bend and prepare


And then I’ll even the score ‘til

Your cheeks are aflame and

you’re painfully sore – yet I’m still giving more

 If you think you can take it just say the word

if you dare risk a bottom red raw

I love to feel pain, again and again

And I just love to even the score


 But doubling up is not just for pain

I give pleasures that you’ve never known

This mouth and this tongue

Can weaken the strong

Prepare to have your bollocks blown


And when at last you do fuck me

You, and these three

Will savour the intenseness of pleasure

Your world will be rocked

You’ll beg not to stop

Once you savor the results of endeavour


But for pleasure sublime there’s a price to be paid

Your soul will be forfeit as you’re getting laid

You will never again

Feel such pleasure intense

Yet you will always be begging for more

 Your fate will be sealed

The deal will be made

As your spunk shoots out hot from your shaft


Your lustful desires

Will cost you so dear

When your blind cock is leading the way

You’ve bartered your soul

Just to plunder my hole

And that’s what my Master intends

Earthly pleasures are fine, they taste so divine

They justify any expense


Just remember this deal you willingly make

When Lucifer comes, your soul so to take

I told you quite clear

The cost is so dear

For one passionate night’s endeavor


You must dance with the Devil forever

You must dance with the Devil forever

Tell me how you like it

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