Writer’s Block


Rudi had struggled all day to conjure up a half-decent premise of a story to support the spanking scene he so desperately wanted to write. The words just wouldn’t come. In this day of computers and word processing, he didn’t even have a waste basket full of screwed up drafts to show for a day’s work. Just a blank white screen and a flashing cursor.

In frustration, he kicked back from the desk and scooted across the wooden floor. The chair bumped to a stop against the bookcase. A single book was jarred forwards on the shelf by the slight impact. The red leather was aged and cracked. Rudi reached out and took the book down. He turned it over in his hands, intrigued. He had built this library himself over the years, yet he didn’t recognise this book. He checked the spine and saw the title. ‘101 solutions for writer’s block’. He lifted the cover and the book opened to a middle page filled with tightly spaced words and a pen and ink illustration of a study, just like his own. But as he stared to read the words the type swam and danced on the page, then lifted off in a grey cloud. The type reformed itself into the shape of a woman, and she spoke.

“I wondered when you might call on me. I’ve been sitting in that book for years now.”

She spoke with a haunting lilt, not distinct to any place but with subtle undertones of foreign parts. Rudi looked at her features, but found he could not focus on her face. Instead he could make out an indistinct beauty, like a photo with a gauze filter too strongly applied. He sensed a melancholy to this figure. He spoke. “Who are you?”

Rudi saw her features swim into the face of a seductress, blonde hair coiffured and set above alabaster skin and ruby red lips. “Why darling,” she crooned, “Don’t you know me?” She lifted a finger to her lips in an exaggerated pout. “I’m your muse. I’m here to top up your tank and get your juices flowing. If I’m doing this right, I hope I can get the ink positively gushing from your nib.” As she spoke, she leaned into him and he felt – no, sensed – her fingers drag up his thigh and flutter around his groin. She sat on his lap, causing the chair to rock backwards. Rudi’s legs kicked up as he fought for balance.

“Oops! Naughty me!” She giggled and shook her head, transforming into a schoolgirl fantasy complete with pigtail braids, too-tight white blouse and micro-short pleated skirt. “Looks like I’ve been naughty. Should I be punished?” She stood, spun and transformed again, this time into a leather clad dominatrix with black hair and blacker make-up. “Or maybe you need to be punished for being such a slacker!” she roared, and lashed her crop across his thighs. He didn’t feel the impact, but he felt the white hot line of fire it left behind, and shrieked.

“Whoa, wait, what the fuck …”

The dominatrix shivered and morphed into a smaller, woman with short dark hair and an apron. Rudi recognised his mother but as she was when he was a boy. “Don’t let me hear that language young man!” she scolded. “I’ve a good mind to wash out your mouth and give you a good hiding!” He suddenly tasted the froth and bitterness of Camay and felt himself upended and across her knees. Somehow his pants and underwear were around his ankles and his bare bottom was being soundly spanked. And then just as suddenly, he was sitting on the hard floor, red cheeks stinging and sporting a very solid erection. He covered himself with his hands, embarrassed by his physical reaction to the harsh whacking. He looked up into his mother’s eyes, but she was gone, replaced by a young man, naked, gistening and very excited.

“No need to be shy, that’s just what I wanted to see,” he said, his erection bobbed as he stepped forward, bending to reach for Rudi’s manhood. He shot up and away, back pressed firmly to the bookcase. “Whoa, that’s not where this is going. Where are the girls?”

“We’re all in here,” said the guy, tapping Rudi’s head. “You just need to let us play. Then you can get back to your writing.”

“Yeah, but I don’t remember the gay fantasy.”

“Don’t you?” the guy winked. “Maybe not this time …” and with a spin he was gone. The girl before him now wore a business suit, dark hair cropped into a short bob. She held a sheaf of paper.

“Rudi. This is the product of two weeks work. I am at the end of my tether with you. Do you think it sufficient for a man of your obvious talent?” She thrust the pile of papers in his face, seemingly totally unaware of his nakedness and rapidly deflating penis.

“Erm, I, erm.”

“Tongue tied as well as ink-blocked, obviously. I think we can deal with both in one go. Over here.”

Rudi found himself bent across his desk. His feet were spread wide and tied tightly, spreading his buttocks. His face was buried between the thighs of this business woman, pressed tight into her naked crotch.

“Now, this will free up your tongue, and we will deal with your other blockage in the time old fashion. Now lick!” At the command, Rudi felt a sharp line of fire light up his buttocks from what could only be a cane stroke. His head jerked up as he cried out, and was quickly thrust back down. “You don’t stop until I say, and she doesn’t stop until I come.” She allowed Rudi to glance backwards, and he saw the dominatrix grinning as she swung the cane high and slashed his cheeks again. Rudi buried his head, licking and sucking furiously at the honeypot before him as he felt his bum being lashed again and again. And then there was another sensation as he felt his cock grow harder and harder. Someone was sucking him off under the desk as he was being whipped. Rudi desperately fought to push the vision of the naked man from his mind and replaced him with the seductress. Yes, he could clearly imagine those ruby lips wrapped around his shaft, sucking and nibbling, gently mouthing his balls and taking his shaft deep into her mouth until … ahhhh.

At that moment, the business woman tensed and squeezed her thighs so tightly on his face so that his ears rang, then she slumped backwards on the desk. Rudi’s feet were free and he was able to stand. He looked down at the blonde head at his groin and breathed a sigh of relief.

The women looked his way, dreamily. “Now, what was the storyline you needed our help with?”


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