Canings – it’s for your own good!

And there I was, thinking my love of spanking was a little on the kinky side, when all along, it’s medicinal. How many parents back in the day would tell their kids this beating was for their own good? Well if a Russian doctor is to be believed, maybe they were right!

A story is widely circulating on the Interwebs about a Russian doctor using canings as a cure for addictions. Now, anyone who’se browsed online will know that the Russians are no strangers to a little spanky hanky panky, but putting a medical spin on things is definitely new to me.

Beating addiction, Siberia

This extract is from that well read journal, Siberian Times:

In simple terms, addicts suffer from a lack of endorphins often known as ‘happiness hormones’, she says, adding that the acute pain of corporal punishment stimulates the brain to release endorphins into the body ‘making patients feel happier in their own skins’.

‘The caning counteracts a lack of enthusiasm for life which is often behind addictions, suicidal tendencies and psychosomatic disorders’, claims Dr Pilipenko. Both personally administer the ‘medical spankings’.

The treatment was pioneered in Siberia by Dr Sergei Speransky, director of Biological Studies at Novosibirsk Institute of Medicine, who himself admitted to undergoing flogging treatment as an antidote to his bouts of depression.

I can relate. A good spanking certainly makes me feel ‘alive’, and the endorphins most definitely flow in the heat of the moment.

It is so good of the dear Doctor to adminster the spankings personally. It must be horrid to have to cane poor, beautiful 22 year old Natasha’s naked buttocks twice weekly for 3 months, then monthly for a year thereafter. 30 strokes for an addiction to the booze, 60 for drugs. It sounds like he gives it to her good, too:

‘Despite this, in a strange way I suppose I do feel I’m getting punishment which at the same time brings me back to life. After each session I have red lash marks on my backside but it doesn’t bleed. It’s not easy to sit down for a few hours afterwards.’

You know, I do beleive I’ve found my calling. Now, where’s my passport – and do I need a visa for Siberia?


  1. In my opinion the cane is the perfect corporal punishment for a naughty female’s bare bottom. It’s pliability, plus it’s sting, brings out the “Ooohs”, and “Ouches, from a woman’s lips, that can be sweet music to ones ears. At least six or more strokes should fall upon her naked rear end, with vigor.

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