Chef School : Annie’s Seasoning

Chef Story continues from here



Chef continued to blaze his assault down on Melissa’s unprotected buttocks until her bum felt as if it would spontaneously combust. He made sure to cover every inch of flesh. He held open her bum cheeks to spank her cleft and the sensitive ring within, he spanked her at the join of thighs and buttocks. He spanked her with an open palm across her pussy lips until she shrieked. Eventually, he released his grip on her waist and allowed her to sag down onto the counter, sobbing softly as she gently felt her burning cheeks.

“Now that’s a rare steak!” said Chef, red faced and panting after the exertion. “Now, some seasoning. Melissa, I think you can rest your steaks a minute. Annie looks like she’s feeling neglected.” Chef rested a hand on Annie’s bum, feeling the remaining warmth from her earlier spanking. “I think this meat needs a little zing before we apply some grill marks. Toby – fetch me a ginger root.”

Whilst he was waiting for the vegetable, Chef stood between the two bent forms and stroked the bared bottoms. Melissa’s was definitely hotter to the touch and she flinched as Chef’s fingers trailed over her scorched skin. Chef trailed down the bum cleft of each girl, left hand on Annie, right on Melissa. With his middle fingers Chef traced the valley to the two tight bum holes. He teased the sensitive openings for a moment, then dipped his fingers lower to wet them in the girls’ pussies, then traced back up to the bum holes. Now moistened, his fingers had no trouble gaining entrance to the secret holes and the girls moaned in unison.

Just then, Toby returned with the bag of ginger roots and offered them to Chef.

“Stupid boy. Can’t you see I’m busy,” laughed Chef. “Find a piece as thick as your thumb and peel it carefully. I’ll continue to prepare the meat, so no need to hurry.”

As Toby went to work Chef continued to drill his middle fingers into the two tight anal rings before him. Both girls moaned and wriggled in vain attempts to avoid the building arousal caused by their predicament. Finally, Toby returned with the prepared root and Chef reluctantly extracted his fingers and took the root.

Chef stepped back and perused the naked bottoms presented one final time, then dismissed Melissa. “You can get up now, but watch and learn. Next time you disappoint me, you will find yourself getting what Annie is about to get.” Before she could escape she got another stinging pair of slaps to drive home the message, leaving her with a clear pair of handprints and a very sore bottom. Melissa quickly gathered her things and dashed away to the washrooms.

Chef then turned to Annie with the ginger root. With one hand he opened up her buttock cleft to stretch her whorl, with the other he pressed the root against the tight ring of muscle. As she felt the blunt nub press against her anus, she tensed, butt cheeks clenching. “This will be easier if you relax, girl,” he said, as he pressed the stubby root more firmly against her hole. Annie pushed her bum out and forced herself to relax as the nub entered her. Suddenly the ginger was nestled in her bum. He bum felt full, and she squeezed her cheeks around the invader. This pressed the raw ginger into tighter contact with the sensitive tissue of her anus and Annie felt a heat rapidly building inside her. She gasped and squeezed more to ease the feeling – but instead amplified the sensations.

“Now my girl, you’re much better to relax and enjoy. Too much struggling makes for a very hot bottom, so I’m told,” advised Chef. He turned to the group. “So now our meat is seasoned – time for the grill marks. Toby – nip outside and bring me a cane from the tomatoes. Quickly now, or you can taste the ginger too!” Toby dashed outside and was back in moments with a three foot bamboo cane.

“Excellent, excellent. Now, the sign of an expertly cooked steak is well defined sear marks. Let me show you.”

Chef stepped back, lined up the cane and pulled back his arm. The cane whistled down and bit sharply into Annie’s buttocks. As she felt the line of fire Annie shrieked and clenched her bum tightly. In doing so she made the inner effects of the ginger much worse, and forced herself to relax. Chef laughed out loud. “Don’t you love the dilemma, my girl? Do you relax for the cane and get an easy ride on the ginger, or do you tense for the cane and get the worst inside? Which will it be this time?” Chef slashed down again, delivering another stripe an inch higher than the previous one. Annie shrieked, squeezed, shrieked, relaxed, and sobbed. Chef delivered another four strokes, perfectly positioned so that Annie was left with six parallel lines, the first of which were already darkening to a deep purple. Her buttocks twitched with the pain of the cane strokes and the internal heat of the ginger.

“Now, for my ‘piece de résistance’, the mark of the best Chef.” Chef bent to one knee so that he could position the cane diagonally across Annie’s cheeks and delivered a powerful blow, and then did the same on the other side. He stepped back to admire the sight of Annie’s perfect bottom now seared with six horizontal stripes and a red cross like a brand in the centre.

Chef plucked the ginger root from Annie’s bottom as he released his erection. As the root popped free he quickly drove his member into the void. The ginger oils remaining inside her lubricated and agitated his cock as he plundered her, driving the oils still deeper into her tender walls until with a final thrust he shot his seed into her bowels.


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