A Police Report


The police officer checked his note book to confirm the address, then stepped up to the door and knocked firmly. A few moments later the door was opened by a young woman dressed casually in a summer skirt and blouse. The officer appraised the woman with professional detachment: 5’ 4”, maybe 120lbs at a push, dark skin – not Caucasian, dark hair, brown eyes – possibly Eurasian decent? He guessed her age to be early 20’s, and she was certainly easy on the eye. This was one job he would be taking alone. No need to call for back-up with this one! He stood a step below the woman to reduce the height differential, then spoke.

“Miss Williams? You called in a report of an assault. I’m Officer Thomas and I’m here to take down your report.”

The woman pulled the door open fully and stepped aside. “You’d better come in then,” she said. The officer noticed an accent, but could not place it immediately. The woman closed the door and stepped past the officer, moving into the front room. She sat on a sofa and indicated he should sit in the armchair across from her. The woman crossed her legs, giving the officer the briefest glimpse of gusset before the sight was lost.

The officer spoke again. “Miss Williams, you reported an assault?”

“Please, I request you call me Sasha. I do not enjoy formality. And you are …?” Her voice was silky, husky and dark. She spoke well , but English was not natural to her. Something about her accent was deeply sensual to him, and he felt her words wrap themselves around his body and squeeze urgent life into his manhood. He shifted in his chair to relieve the sudden pressure in his groin.

“Tom, Thomas,” he stuttered his words. “That’s to say, Thomas, Officer John Thomas.”

Sasha covered her mouth with her hands as she giggled. “Oh my dear, please forgive, John. I should not be laughing.”

John was angry at himself and this young woman for embarrassing him. He had learnt the hard way, through many playground fights to avoid using his first name. Normally he used his middle name of David, but she had him flustered. He tried to recover the situation. “I would prefer Officer Thomas or Officer, if you don’t mind Miss Williams.”

“Oops. Once more the naughty girl. My words again deceive me. This is what got me into this position in the first place.”

“What do you mean. I thought the report said you were assaulted?”

“Oh no – not at all. I call the station because my employer, Mr Gregory, had beaten me and I don’t believe he did the right thing. I need him to see his errors.”

“Well most definitely, if this is true he did not do the right thing. Tell me, why did he beat you?”

“Well because I forgot his suit at the drycleaner, and I burnt his breakfast, and I scratched his car. Nothing really, he just get mad at me. I don’t know why he keep me !”

John looked up from his note pad as she stopped speaking. He looked into her deep brown eyes and was immediately captivated. It was plainly evident why this man would keep such an incompetent housemaid around. Embarrassed, John looked back to his notes. He cleared his throat. “Tell me – Sasha, how exactly did Mr Gregory beat you?”

Sasha thought for a moment, looking for the right words. “I don’t know how to say everything. Perhaps if I show you?” Sasha stood.

“If I may?” John nodded his head, unsure what he was agreeing to. Sasha stepped over to him, then lay down across his lap. She turned her head to look up at him. “He ask me to lie like this.”

John croaked out a response. “And what did he do next?”

“He lift up my skirt, like this,” Sasha reached back and flipped her short skirt over her back. John delighted in the sight of her olive buttocks encased in beige silk panties. He felt his cock grow hard and poke into Sasha’s belly.

“Yes, like that. His dick stuck me like that! Next he put his hand on my back to hold me down on his dick.”

John placed his left hand in the small of her back. “Like this?”

“Yes, that’s right. Next he smack my bottom with his hand.”

John tentatively patted the upraised cheeks before him. “Like this?”

“NO, not like that. Harder.”

He pulled back his hand and spanked with medium force. The sound reverberated round the still room. “Like that?”

“Yes, but harder still, and more.”

John decided to go for it. “Like this?” he asked, as he rained down a dozen spanks to her firm cheeks.

“Mmm … mmm,” Sasha grunted. “Yes, like that. And then he pull down my panties and smack some more.”

Not believing his luck, John tugged the silky panties down to her knees and stroked the warm flesh, trailing his fingers over the golden cheeks and along the dividing cleft.

Sasha wriggled on his lap, squishing his cock. “And he smack me some more …”

Taking the hint, John slapped his palm down across the centre of her cheeks, then methodically covered her buttocks from the thighs upwards until his hand stung and her cheeks glowed. Sasha gasped and bucked as he spanked, and more than once he caught sight of her sex. Black tufts of hair framed a pink, moist centre indicating her obvious state of arousal. Finally, he stopped his spanking.

Sasha lay for a moment, recovering. “Yes, like that.” She paused for a moment before speaking again. “And then he held open my bottom to spank the bum!” As she said this, she pushed her bottom high and apart. John used one hand to open the secret valley between her cheeks, and with the other he sharply slapped her anus with stiffened fingers. Sasha gave a muffled cry as each slap fell.

John stopped his anal spanking and spoke quietly. “And what did Mr Gregory do next?” he held his breath in anticipation.

“He put his finger up my pussycat and poke me with it!”

John grinned with delight and moved his hand down to cup her mound. He felt the damp heat in his palm as he fondled her sex. He stroked along her slit before plunging his middle finger deep into her sex, probing and swirling, then withdrawing to tease her clitoris and then plunging again. Sasha groaned beneath him as he worked his magic.

“Was it like this?” he asked, his voice thick in his throat.

“Yes, YES. And, and then he used two fingers.” The words fell from her as she rode his probing digits.

“And did he do this?” John took his wet finger and circled her anus, lubricating the tight ring before gently forcing his finger into her. He gently fucked her anally with his finger, then withdrew and circled her clit once more.

“Nnnmmm, yes, like that, just like that.”

John continued to stroke her sex, fingering her pussy and anus as he spoke. “Well on the evidence before me it would seem Mr Gregory did everything right. I’m not sure of the grounds for your complaint.”

With difficulty, Sasha spoke again. “If you will allow me, I can show you.” She slid off his lap and onto her knees with her back to him. She leant forwards onto her elbows, and flipped her skirt back up out of the way. John had a delightful view of Sasha’s firm, olive buttocks still showing the pink blush from her spanking. Nestled beneath, he could see her hot, wet sex open and inviting.

“Mr Gregory did not do the rest. He leaves me wanting.” Sasha bucked her hips backwards as she spoke, leaving John in no doubt as to his next action. He stood, unzipped and dropped his pants and underwear to the floor, then knelt behind Sasha, took her by the hips and guided his rigid shaft into her willing pussy. “You mean, he didn’t do this?” he said, sliding his cock in and out of her hole.

Sasha thrust backwards, eager for more of his cock. “No, no, he did not. He smack me and leave me, then he go to the bathroom and he tug his little dickie. He leave me wanting. He is very wrong, you see?”

“Oh yes,” sighed John. “Very, very wrong. I think I may need to visit you often to put right the wrongs he is doing you.” He punctuated his words with hard thrusts, riding her all the way to their mutual orgasm.

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