Out For Lunch

nice poem from Bliss. I would love to be that guy, fingers caressing a warm, moist pussy before spanking that delicious bottom in the open air. Just imagine taking her up the back alley. Pun intended.

Wet Bliss


You invited me out for a bite to eat

I phoned you to say I was on my way

Anticipation built in rapid heartbeats

I hoped that my needy looks didn’t betray

I truly hungered for something else, more

To fill this fevered, lascivious craving

Crushing me with need building at my core

Thrumming severely with want, I did ache

For the passion to be eased and released…

We meet at the entrance of the local café

One look, and you knew to lead me down the street

Found a secluded alleyway in the broad day

Bared my ass and caressed my creamy cheeks

Punished for wearing panties, you spanked with skill

Enflaming my glorious mounds, and made me leak

Satisfied with our lunch out and all that was spilled

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