Home Working Fun Today

Not my bottom – this is from hotbottoms.wordpress.com

There is something to be said for this new era of tele-commuting / working from home or whatever you call it. I have the opportunity to work from my home office usually a couple of times a week. When happy coincidence allows, Miranda will also be at home on some of these days, and there will be an available window of time in the day when there are no urgent demand on time, and no kids to interrupt the atmosphere. On these days there is the opportuntity to adjourn upstairs and partake of some erotic bottom warming. Frequent readers will know that we will frequently switch roles, depending on preference on the day and who is deemed sufficiently deserving of the ‘top’ and/or who has been sufficiently naughty to be rewarded with the ‘bottom’.

On a recent occasion I had the delightful opportunity to help shuck Miranda out of some very tight-fitting jeans, which I lodged at knee level along with a totally unnecessary pair of panties. I sat on the edge of the bed and proceeded to redden her delightful rear. Miranda is extremely tactile and prefers the hand. Of course, I always oblige. However on this occasion I felt the urge to deliver more, so I took up her hairbrush which always rests on the bedside table for just such a purpose. Holding her firmly, I gave her a good dozen whacks with the brush to her bouncing buttocks. Oh did she squeal! Now, clearly she enjoyed it – after all, when I let her up she kicked her legs out of her jeans, pushed me back on the bed and whipped down my pants, then rode me like a gunslinger heading out of Dodge. However, Miranda is not one to allow the upper hand to be had for long, and she is one to bide her time for that favourite of all cold-plate meals, Revenge.

Today I was again in my home office, and able to dive out of a tedious web conference early. Hearing me emerge from the basement, Miranda took my hand and led me straight to the bedroom. With deft hands and lips, she quickly had me standing tall and at her beck and call, which today meant on my knees on the bed, bottom high and cheeks spread wide. To keep me steady she positioned herself astride my back, almost sitting on my shoulders to prevent me rising (not that I tried). In this position she had a good vertical stroke attack on my bared buttocks, and she clearly wanted to repay me for the blistering she’d received last time out. She took up our latex ruler paddle and proceeded to blister my butt with a good hard set of strokes that reached right down onto the tops of my thighs. She followed this up with some fingering and fondling to rekindle the fires, then went at it again with her hairbrush. She targeted the ‘sit-spot’ more than anywhere else, and she had me jumping and bucking, no doubt, but I took it in good spirit. The crop was next and that almost finished me, especially the strokes that fell straight down my bum cleft and whacked across the old chocolate starfish! Boy, those ones sting! Nothing some sweet and tender kisses can’t soothe though, which is how we led into our finale.

So now, I’m back at my desk with a tingly butt and a well-fucked feeling, biding away the final hour of the day telling you good folks about my afternoon.

Life is good!


    1. I do apologize – I saved the pic and didn’t note the source. Now I know it’s yours, I’ve acknowledged you. I will delete of course if you wish.

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