A Brat’s Thanksgiving Verse



Thanksgiving time is now almost here

A time to look back on a wonderful year

When I learned to be grateful and to not answer back

And to be prim out of doors and a whore in the sack

You taught me so well, to learn to take pleasure

From baring my cheeks to be spanked at your leisure

Those memories you burned into my rosy red rear

As spankings and strappings often brought me to tears

My pants were pulled down and my bottom was bared

And no quarter was given, and no blushes spared

That time, in the park, when I gave you some lip

You pulled down my knickers and bared me, real quick

And you took my flat sandal to my now exposed bum

And you smacked to a rhythm, like beating a drum

With love and with passion you reddened my seat

Til I felt the heat grow in my plump luscious cheeks

And then, in our room, away from the crowds

You stripped me to fuck me, and your ramrod stood proud

When my bum is a-tingle and covered in stripes

I feel so alive and up for the fight

Your spankings ignite me, you set me on fire

Each smack sends my passions just spiralling higher

So as we gather together this Thanksgiving Day

We should turn to our loved ones and earnestly say

โ€œThank you my dear for spanking my bum

I truly deserved it, and your spanks made me come!


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