Month: December 2014

T-shirt funnies

Just a quick post today as we’re getting ready for Santa, or Satan for the dyslexics. I saw a post on Facebook that no doubt many of you will have seen – accidentally offensive t-shirts.  A few were just too priceless to ignore:

Seems like the preferred state of mind if you’re about to let Santa come up your chimney!

And how about this poor girl. So alone and unloved she has to declare to the world that her self-love is indeed returned by her cunt:


 And for the finale, bringing up the rear so to speak, we have another invitation. Now, if either of her friends were suggesting anal I might have pause, given the view from the front. Miss Grumpy though? Back door view every time. Keep Calm and Bite the Pillow !


Merry Christmas y’all. And remember, Santa still visits the naughty boys and girls, and he doesn’t give out coal any more (global warming and all). Expect a deliciously tingly rear-end by morning, and a very clean chimney 🙂

Oglaf – inspired quotes!

You have to go check out Oglaf. The most surreal carton I’ve read. Often erotic, often slightly weird but generally very funny. Here’s a little sample:

the upper hand

And you may spot the little one-liners at the top of each page. Here are a few of my favourites:

Your cock seems sort of bland. I did practice fellatio on sausages though

How much more pathetic do I need to be before I get pity sex?

I’m looking for the kind of problems you can solve with sex

If ‘garage sale’ was innuendo for anal sex, I would snicker more at weekends

I love shower sex. Ikea are less keen

I’m a generous lover but for selfish reasons

The plague has been cancelled due to illness

Sexual innuendo? I can keep it up all night

I could go on, but better for you to just pop on over and while away a night reading through the comic.

Santa’s Little Helper

christmas liftOne snowy Christmas Eve, poor Rudolph was feeling a little under the weather. He was in no condition to fly. Santa was worried, not least because he had no idea how he would see without Rudolph’s bright red nose to guide the way. He pondered on this problem for most of the day but found no solution.

And just when he thought things couldn’t get any worse, Santa received news about one of his little female helpers who had been seen trying to hitch a ride by flashing her sexy little bottom to the passing motorists. Well of course, Santa was furious, especiLly with him being in such a foul mood over Rudolph, and he summoned the poor unfortunate elf back to the North Pole for a serious reprimand.

The silly elf saw no reason to apologize, so Santa wrapped a big muscular arm around her tiny waist, then flipped her over his knee. He took up a good solid paddle and gave his bratty little elf the hiding of her life.

Santa paddled that poor elf’s butt so severely he solved the problem of Rudolph’s nose. He just perched the little elf on the front of the sleigh with her bum shining brightly red to guide the way. He even had a nice hand warmer to ease the chill that frosty Christmas Eve.

The Voyeur


My office overlooks a hotel in the downtown core. I like to stay late, sitting in the dark and watching what might unfold across the street. Often times I’ve been treated to a quick flash of underwear as a female guest undresses on the way to the shower, not anticipating an audience 23 floors above the city. I’ve seen some nice tits in my time. It’s better in the winter when the nights arrive early. Guests heading back to their rooms to quickly change before a night-out often neglect to draw the blinds.

I’ve seen many sights from my darkened office. I keep a small pair of binoculars for the more interesting moments. Many times it’s the men who care little for their privacy. They fling their office clothes off at the end of the day, then lay on the bed, tugging off a quick one before dressing again for a night of beers with their city-friends. More than once I’ve watched a guy stand in front of the floor-to-ceiling windows and wank away to the city below. I guess they get a thrill from their pseudo-exhibitionism, safe as they are from the street level stares.

From what I’ve seen, the business traveller takes on a new persona away from home, away from the mundane security of daily family life. I’ve seen men and women, young and old, bringing partners into their rooms, tearing the clothes off each other in their passion. Rarely does the visitor stay the night – I guess it is easier to explain a late night meeting or dinner with clients than it is to explain a night’s absence to a partner back home.

I’ve watched some wild antics, too. I watched one business man strip off his pants and underwear, then bend himself over the foot of the bed with his flabby white bum pushed up so that the lady with him could whip him with a scary looking cane. He must have been paying her, I guess, though why I’ve no idea. She should have paid him for the pleasure she took as she slashed away viciously at his plump buttocks. The way the bed was positioned, I could clearly see the mass of purple lines she left behind. Every few strokes, she reached underneath, I’m guessing to wank his cock. I’ve seen women getting a spanking, too. These always seem much more mutually satisfying, to my eye at least. I’ve seen women bending for a hand spanking, mainly, but I’ve seen a girl lay on the bed to be whipped with a belt, and I keenly remember the one who took it good with a riding crop. I’ve enjoyed that moment many times in the quiet darkness of my office. I’ve also seen more blow jobs than I’ve had personally, too.

The most memorable display happened a few weeks back. I saw a couple arrive on a Monday and they clearly had promise. The first night I saw her strip for the shower. The guy she was with grabbed her arm as she passed and eased her down to her knees in front of him. She had knelt there, then unzipped his pants and pulled out his cock before giving him a quick BJ. She left him with a hard-on sticking out of his zipper as she flounced off to the shower. When she came out they started getting it on when she glanced out of the window. I stepped back into the shadows of my office but they shut the drapes, so I was left with my imagination and a hard dick of my own.

Next day I saw them again. The guy had moved a chair in front of the window, sideways on. He came out of the bathroom and sat in the chair, starkers. She came over to him, naked herself, and she knelt down in front of him to blow him. I was looking directly into their room, so I could see everything from my desk, but I wanted more so I moved to the window. I had my binoculars in one hand, the other – well, I’m sure you can guess. My dick was rock hard and caught up in my pants, so I unzipped and tugged him out and started stroking as I enjoyed the view. The girl was bobbing her head up and down on his dick, sucking like she was enjoying a huge Popsicle. She then dipped down to suck on his nuts while she wanked his shaft. I kept time with her movements, using my pre-cum as a lubricant. I could see his dick standing tall and strong, the red tip glowing like a lighthouse beacon – he was a big boy, I can tell you!

After a while he pushed her head away and she stood up and moved to his side with her back to the window. She was a slim thing, beautiful and with a lovely pert bum. He pulled her over his lap so her bum pointed right at the window, maybe two feet from the glass.  The guy nudged her feet and she opened her legs wide as she lay stretched across his knee. The angle of his legs made her bum stick up high and her head hang low, so everything was on display. Through my glasses I could see right up her pussy, wet and open and eager.

I watched as he started smacking her bum. Not too hard to start off with – at least, she didn’t seem to be minding. In fact after a minute he stopped and looked down at her as if was listening to her, then he took up the rhythm again with much more vigour. I could see her bum getting quite pink now, all the way from her thighs to the top of her bum crack, and round both sides. I’d never seen a spanking before, and let me tell you, it was fucking horny. I had dropped my pants by now, so I was standing at my window naked from the waist and gently wanking as I watched. I kept myself on the edge so I didn’t shoot too soon.

He stopped spanking then, and started stroking her cunt. I saw him dip two fingers in and finger-fuck her, then pull out and stick a finger up her ass, and fuck her there too. He stopped, and she stood. He got off the chair and she bent over, hands on the seat and bum pushed out, facing the window again. He knelt down behind her and ate her out, feasting on her wet pussy and arse like a condemned man’s last meal. He stood up then, moved her slightly sideways to the window and slowly pushed his huge dick into her. I could see her pussy lips wrap around his cock as he slid slow and deep. He pulled out most of the way, then rammed home, hard. He kept this up for a while, then started fucking her hard and fast, holding her by the hips to stop her falling. She was gripping the chair like her life depended on it. Suddenly he stopped, shoving himself in hard so his cock was buried deep in her cunt, then after a few seconds he gave her a few more gentle fuck-strokes before pulling out.

She stood up and they held each other, then they both turned to the window, held hands and bowed, blew a kiss and pulled the drapes.

Next day, the guest in the room was a fat middle-aged bloke, so I left and took the early train home.

Willie the Wanker

Young Willie was a wanker

He wanked off night and day

He beat his meat repeatedly

He loved his solitary play


His mum got very worried

As every mother would

She made him wear thick mittens

But it didn’t do any good


She took him to the doctor

She said, “What can you do?”

The doctor looked on helplessly

He hadn’t got a clue


And so his acts continued

As he grew into a man

His dick was sore and blistered

He needed a new plan


He found a spankopsychologist

Who promised him a cure

She said the path was painful

More than many could endure


But Willie was unflustered

He knew this had to stop

He booked a time and went right round

After he’d jerked out one last drop


The Doc told him to drop his pants

So she could see the cause

And perhaps find a solution

Without cutting off his balls


She reached down very gently

And touched his flaccid dick

Instantly the blood flowed in

And it stood up like a stick


“Oh no,” said she. “This is no good,

I’m having none of this”

She took a plastic ruler

And whacked him, on the tip


Well this set things in motion

There was no turning back

Willie’s dick erupted

As she gave another whack


This took her by surprise, indeed

She said “Oh my, oh my!”

Then wiped away the semen

That had landed in her eye


She stood up tall, all five foot two

And looked up at his chin

“Young man you’re quite disgusting,

Now, let’s begin again.”


“A tough regime is needed

To bring things back to earth

You need a solid caning

Every time you get the urge”


She had him bend and touch his toes

Then fetched a wicked rod

She lined up with a wicked smirk

“I’ll cure you good, you sod!”


She striped him good, she striped him hard

She gave him many whacks

Yet when she looked down underneath

His erection had come back


And so again, she whipped his butt

Til her arm got rather sore

Young Willie thrust his butt up high

And was crying out for more


Just as she finished whacking

His dick jerked up, he came

Young Willie was ecstatic

Even with his bum aflame


“That felt so good! It’s the only way

I ever want to cum

Oh Doc, you’ve cured my wanking

With a very painful bum”


“I can come around on Tuesdays

And Fridays too, at night

And have you cane my naked bum

When I’m stretching it real tight”


“And then I can stop wanking

Every moment, every day

I can save it up for Tuesday

And Friday, if I may”


The Doc looked on, she wore a frown

This isn’t how it’s supposed to be

But hey, if he thinks it’s working

I will take his weekly fee


And now he has stopped wanking

His dick has much improved

Although his butt is stripy

Like a tiger, only lewd


Dishwashing Duties


Next time you complain about doing the dishes

Remember how much you regret

Standing in such an enticing position

With your hands and your pussy both soaking wet.


The soap will go further if you speak one more time

Your lips will be frothy, your ass hot and sore

Enough of your lip, just finish the dishes

And when you’re all done, come play like a whore


You secretly love exhibitionist games

I know. That’s why you always mess up

And why would I stop you, my delightful young thing

You’re just like a rabbit when we get down to fuck


So please, keep complaining about doing the dishes

So I can step up and strip your butt bare

I will spank your hind quarters to a rosy red hue

Then bend you and fuck you as the cat stands and stares

Feisty condiments

Update: So this campaign is called Gioni’s Revenge and it came out of Italy in 2013. Pretty sexy, huh? Trust those Italians to add some spice to their sauce. I also located a third ad for your viewing pleasure. More info here:

I like a bit of heat on my buns, I have to confess. And nothing beats a bit of heat to the meat too. If I could get that in a bottle I would buy a case!


And a nicely flavoured version for the ladies



Did anyone actually see these ads marketing condiments?