Advent Adventure

Miranda went shopping last week with a specific item in mind to lead us into the holiday season. She came home with one of those refillable Advent calendars – the sort with little drawers you can fill with a sweet treat. Her idea was to fill each drawer with a spanking treat. With the spirit of Christmas gift giving and receiving in mind, I suggested we should each add a spanking treat per day, so we could share the pleasures.

We agreed some basic ground rules and set to work:

  • We would each write out 24 spanking ‘events’ including an implement, number of swats and any other instructions. As we would each draw an event each day, we had to be willing to give or receive the set event.
  • We agreed a set of implements from amongst our favourite arsenal from which to draw our events: The agreed weapons were: Hand, Crop, Ruler, Slipper, Strap, Brush, Cane, Table Tennis paddle
  • All spankings would be on the bare bottom, of course
  • We would each draw an event each day. If a day is missed the next day will include two events.
  • Each weapon would be used three times in the calendar
  • December 24th will be an extra-special event leading up to the Big Day.

With our ground rules in place, we each sat and wrote our vignettes. The quiet was punctuated by the occasional ‘oh yes!’ a few chuckles and plenty of seat shuffling as our fantasies began to stir other juices. Once done we folded and shuffled the slips, and then placed two in each drawer from 1 to 23. We had already agreed the treat for 24 December. With the calendar complete we retired eagerly to bed, suitably aroused having created 47 mini spanking fantasies!


Monday dragged on at work until finally I could get away and head home. Miranda was waiting impatiently, and she virtually dragged me into the house. She plucked my bag away and tugged my coat off before pulling me into the bedroom.

“You choose first!” she said, grinning wildly. I pulled open the first drawer and picked up a slip of paper. Miranda took the other and we unfolded the pieces. I had drawn one of my own scenarios:

‘Roll two dice, and receive the total count with the crop.’

Miranda smiled at the thought of bringing her favourite implement to bear on my bum, before reaching for her own slip. She had picked another of mine:

‘Bare bottom spanking, 60 swats OTK in the course of one hour’

Miranda waved her slip at me. “So if I have to be over your knee for an hour I’m going to make doubly sure you’re not going to sit comfortably!” She plucked a pair of dice from the games drawer along with her favourite crop. “Roll ‘em. And make it good.”

I rolled a 2 and a 3. As is her way, Miranda quickly modified the rules. “We double any roll under 6, so you get 10 with the crop. Drop your pants and grab your ankles. Move and I start over.”

I was grinning at her as I unbuckled and dropped my pants and underwear. My erection stood proud already at the prospect of fondling and spanking Miranda’s luscious buttocks for an hour. The sight was not lost on Miranda. “Let’s see how long he stands proud for, shall we. Bend!”

I took up position at the foot of the bed, elbows resting on the duvet, feet spread and bum high. Miranda gave me a mighty whack right across the meaty part of my cheeks and raised a yelp.

“Wrong position. I said grab your ankles. That one doesn’t count.”

I stepped back and bent double, gripping my ankles and stretching my cheeks wide open and tight. I felt rather vulnerable like this, with my nut sack at risk of a stray stroke if her aim was off. She stood to my side, aimed the crop along the line of her last stroke, pulled her arm back and unleashed. I flexed my knees to absorb the pain, then stuck my bum out for another. All was good until I think the 5th or 6th stroke when she aimed for the sit-spot. This is such a tender little area for the crop, and the rod made slight contact with my nuts in the delivery of the blow. I was up before I knew it, clutching my arse with one hand and my nuts with the other.

She smiled. “Oh, and you were doing so well. Never mind, more treats for me! Back down!”

Miranda gave me another five tight and hard, making me squirm and wriggle but I managed to stay down. Her assault on my balls had deflated my erection, for now at least.

I stood up and rubbed my bum. “You do know this is day 1 of 24?” I said. “This could get very painful if we go at it like this every day!”

“Oh, I think you can handle it,” she said, as she patted my bum and squeezed my cock. “Now, shall we go and make ourselves comfortable so you can give me my present?”


Downstairs in the den I sat down on the sofa and pulled Miranda over my knee. Preparation is everything for her, so I stroked her bum through her skirt before unzipping and removing it. I then stroked her bum over her knickers, kneading and squeezing, before finally tugging her knickers to her knees and then off altogether. With her naked from the waist down I nudged her knees apart to give myself full access to her delights, and then spent a leisurely few minutes exploring her bottom cleft and pussy. Her excitement was as evident as my own and I was thoroughly enjoying the view.

Miranda wriggled at my touch. “Clock’s ticking, dear. Can’t be late,” she said, eager for her spanking to begin.

“The clock starts on the stroke of one,” I said, and gave her a hard smack to start things off. I had decided to deliver the spanks in sets of six, then spend a few minutes fondling and enjoying the growing heat. Miranda’s pain threshold is such that she can take a long, slow spanking much better than a short, sharp correction, and I wanted to get the maximum pleasure from this session, given the delight she had shown as she whipped me earlier. My first set of six were hard and targeted on the fleshiest centre. We have a rule against clenching during a hand spanking, and Miranda kept her bum soft and malleable so that each spank set a gentle ripple across her toned bum. After six she was reddening nicely, and I stopped to give her a brief respite while I trailed a finger up and down her bum cleft.

Miranda has a nice deep cleft, and the skin here is very sensitive. I decided to target my next set of spanks on the valley sides and her wrinkly rosebud. I used my left hand to hold her cheeks apart and with stiffened fingers I aimed for the tender flesh within. Miranda does love a spanked sphincter, and with each blow I saw her ring pucker and relax.

I stroked and fondled her for maybe five minutes or so, enjoying her increasingly moist pussy with my fingers. I trailed a wet finger to her bum hole and drilled her with it, before lifting my hand up and giving her a swift volley of spanks to her right cheek and then the same to her left. Six more right on her bum cleft and I was halfway there. I let her get up and stretch for a moment, and it was a delight to watch as she stood in front of the mirror and pulled her cheeks apart to inspect the damage.

After a couple of minutes I called her back over to my lap. As she crouched, she reached for my stiff cock and rubbed the pre-cum into the tip. “Maybe I can buy off the last 30 another way?” She asked, then dipped her head to lap the tip.

“Maybe you can give me a blow job afterwards to say thank you for your spanking’” I said, pulling her back into position. We were both extremely horny by this time, and Miranda lay on my lap with her legs spread wide. I gave her the second half of her spanking slowly and methodically, each spank aimed for maximum pleasure. Between strokes I continued to stoke her fires, keeping her hot and ready. After another dozen her bum was getting some very nice colour, evenly red from the top to the bottom of her bum cleft. I got her to thrust her bum up higher to open her cleft wide, then gave her six sharp slaps right on her sphincter, with a final hard set of six to each cheek, aiming right on the sit-spots.

Miranda lay for a moment after I had finished, then slid backwards so her head was in my lap. She took me deep into her mouth and bobbed her head on my shaft, then licked from top to bottom repeatedly. After a couple of minutes she pushed me backwards onto the sofa, then straddled me in a 69. As she went back to sucking me off I placed my hands on her hot cheeks, lifted my face to her pussy and lapped away until we both exploded.


We took several minutes to recover. Eventually Miranda spoke first. “Welcome to December. We are going to be fucking shagged out by Christmas!”


  1. Now, this is an advent calendar like no other! I think Miranda’s prediction at the very end is going to be true!

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