Advent adventures part 2

imageAdvent Adventures continues from here

We both woke on Tuesday feeling fine – no long term effects from completing our first Advent challenges, other than a few small bruises from Miranda’s crop and a set of delightful memories. However with another 23 days to work through we agreed on a modified game plan. We agreed to draw our challenges from the Advent calendar first thing, and then decide when and where the challenge would be fulfilled, provided it fell within 48 hours. With this plan in mind we drew our Tuesday tasks.

Miranda went first, and slowly unfolded her slip, bit her lip and folded the slip again. She was clearly nervous. “What did you get?” I asked.

“I’ll tell you after I see yours’” she replied. I took my slip and read it aloud.

“Six with the brush, straight from the shower – what did you get?” Without a word Miranda handed me her slip. It read ‘Cane – same number of strokes as the other slip’ – another one of mine (I like a degree of risk to my challenges!). She gave me a coy look and went to the cupboard to retrieve the rattan.

“Be gentle, we’ve a long way to go,” she said, then bent down to touch her toes, feet just slightly apart to give me a view of her sex. I do love the view of a well-presented bottom, and I spent a couple of minutes stroking her smooth cheeks before stepping to one side and lining up for my target. I confess I did take it easy, knowing she is somewhat nervous of the cane. Still, she had six nice red lines when I had finished, and she had needed a break after three to rub her bum. Given the marathon event facing us though, I didn’t feel the need to impose penalty strokes. With the final stroke delivered I stepped up behind her and pressed my now-hard dick between her legs, stroking the shaft back and forth across her pussy lips. She wriggled free and stepped away. “Ah Ah, not now. You need a shower and you will be late for work.”

Reluctantly I loped off to the bathroom, shiny head leading the way. I had a quick scrub and was then engaged in a very pleasurable soaping of the tackle when suddenly the curtain was dashed back. There stood Miranda with her hairbrush. Just then, events overtook me and I shot my load into a soapy fist. I looked up at Miranda as she looked down at my rapidly deflating member.

“Well now,” she said, “You couldn’t wait. I think you’re about to regret your haste. Step out and bend over the side of the bath. Put your hands on the bottom of the tub!”

I started to speak, but thought better of it. Having been caught red-handed I knew better than to answer back, so I stepped out and assumed the position. Taking a spanking after coming stings way more. Add in the wet bum, a frustrated wife and a hard wooden hairbrush and she had me hopping after delivering six strong smacks to my poor bum. She laid the brush on the counter and left me to dry off. I checked the mirror and I could easily make out the separate oval imprints on my cheeks. I felt the stinging for a good while afterwards, and I also knew that battle lines had been drawn in our Advent adventures.

By Friday of the first week, Miranda had taken spankings with the slipper, ruler and another hand spanking to add to her first two outings. She had bent me over the bed, sofa and her knee to deliver spankings by hand, cane and strap. By Saturday morning we both had some marks and a little deep tenderness to the cheeks, but we were determined to carry through the adventure.

We had each prepared a set of special challenges for the weekend events, so it was with eager anticipation that we pulled open the drawer for Saturday December 6th.

To be continued …

Footnote: I want to send special thanks to Chross for posting a link to Advent Adventures in hsi Saturday round-up. I was suttned to se eth ejump in my stats. It is heartwarming to see so much interst in my writings.

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