Feisty condiments

Update: So this campaign is called Gioni’s Revenge and it came out of Italy in 2013. Pretty sexy, huh? Trust those Italians to add some spice to their sauce. I also located a third ad for your viewing pleasure. More info here:

I like a bit of heat on my buns, I have to confess. And nothing beats a bit of heat to the meat too. If I could get that in a bottle I would buy a case!


And a nicely flavoured version for the ladies



Did anyone actually see these ads marketing condiments?



  1. Nope, I didn’t see these commercials. What is it horseradish and barbecue sauce or hot sauce? I bet they originally aired in the UK they always have crazy advertisements.

    1. I did some more digging and it is a campaign called Gioni’s Revenge out of Italy. Ketchup, Salad Cream and Barbecue I think. I found a third ad also so I will update my post.

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