Dishwashing Duties


Next time you complain about doing the dishes

Remember how much you regret

Standing in such an enticing position

With your hands and your pussy both soaking wet.


The soap will go further if you speak one more time

Your lips will be frothy, your ass hot and sore

Enough of your lip, just finish the dishes

And when you’re all done, come play like a whore


You secretly love exhibitionist games

I know. That’s why you always mess up

And why would I stop you, my delightful young thing

You’re just like a rabbit when we get down to fuck


So please, keep complaining about doing the dishes

So I can step up and strip your butt bare

I will spank your hind quarters to a rosy red hue

Then bend you and fuck you as the cat stands and stares


Tell me how you like it

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