Willie the Wanker


Young Willie was a wanker

He wanked off night and day

He beat his meat repeatedly

He loved his solitary play


His mum got very worried

As every mother would

She made him wear thick mittens

But it didn’t do any good


She took him to the doctor

She said, “What can you do?”

The doctor looked on helplessly

He hadn’t got a clue


And so his acts continued

As he grew into a man

His dick was sore and blistered

He needed a new plan


He found a spankopsychologist

Who promised him a cure

She said the path was painful

More than many could endure


But Willie was unflustered

He knew this had to stop

He booked a time and went right round

After he’d jerked out one last drop


The Doc told him to drop his pants

So she could see the cause

And perhaps find a solution

Without cutting off his balls


She reached down very gently

And touched his flaccid dick

Instantly the blood flowed in

And it stood up like a stick


“Oh no,” said she. “This is no good,

I’m having none of this”

She took a plastic ruler

And whacked him, on the tip


Well this set things in motion

There was no turning back

Willie’s dick erupted

As she gave another whack


This took her by surprise, indeed

She said “Oh my, oh my!”

Then wiped away the semen

That had landed in her eye


She stood up tall, all five foot two

And looked up at his chin

“Young man you’re quite disgusting,

Now, let’s begin again.”


“A tough regime is needed

To bring things back to earth

You need a solid caning

Every time you get the urge”


She had him bend and touch his toes

Then fetched a wicked rod

She lined up with a wicked smirk

“I’ll cure you good, you sod!”


She striped him good, she striped him hard

She gave him many whacks

Yet when she looked down underneath

His erection had come back


And so again, she whipped his butt

Til her arm got rather sore

Young Willie thrust his butt up high

And was crying out for more


Just as she finished whacking

His dick jerked up, he came

Young Willie was ecstatic

Even with his bum aflame


“That felt so good! It’s the only way

I ever want to cum

Oh Doc, you’ve cured my wanking

With a very painful bum”


“I can come around on Tuesdays

And Fridays too, at night

And have you cane my naked bum

When I’m stretching it real tight”


“And then I can stop wanking

Every moment, every day

I can save it up for Tuesday

And Friday, if I may”


The Doc looked on, she wore a frown

This isn’t how it’s supposed to be

But hey, if he thinks it’s working

I will take his weekly fee


And now he has stopped wanking

His dick has much improved

Although his butt is stripy

Like a tiger, only lewd


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