Santa’s Little Helper

christmas liftOne snowy Christmas Eve, poor Rudolph was feeling a little under the weather. He was in no condition to fly. Santa was worried, not least because he had no idea how he would see without Rudolph’s bright red nose to guide the way. He pondered on this problem for most of the day but found no solution.

And just when he thought things couldn’t get any worse, Santa received news about one of his little female helpers who had been seen trying to hitch a ride by flashing her sexy little bottom to the passing motorists. Well of course, Santa was furious, especiLly with him being in such a foul mood over Rudolph, and he summoned the poor unfortunate elf back to the North Pole for a serious reprimand.

The silly elf saw no reason to apologize, so Santa wrapped a big muscular arm around her tiny waist, then flipped her over his knee. He took up a good solid paddle and gave his bratty little elf the hiding of her life.

Santa paddled that poor elf’s butt so severely he solved the problem of Rudolph’s nose. He just perched the little elf on the front of the sleigh with her bum shining brightly red to guide the way. He even had a nice hand warmer to ease the chill that frosty Christmas Eve.

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