Oglaf – inspired quotes!

You have to go check out Oglaf. The most surreal carton I’ve read. Often erotic, often slightly weird but generally very funny. Here’s a little sample:

the upper hand

And you may spot the little one-liners at the top of each page. Here are a few of my favourites:

Your cock seems sort of bland. I did practice fellatio on sausages though

How much more pathetic do I need to be before I get pity sex?

I’m looking for the kind of problems you can solve with sex

If ‘garage sale’ was innuendo for anal sex, I would snicker more at weekends

I love shower sex. Ikea are less keen

I’m a generous lover but for selfish reasons

The plague has been cancelled due to illness

Sexual innuendo? I can keep it up all night

I could go on, but better for you to just pop on over and while away a night reading through the comic.


Tell me how you like it

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