T-shirt funnies

Just a quick post today as we’re getting ready for Santa, or Satan for the dyslexics. I saw a post on Facebook that no doubt many of you will have seen – accidentally offensive t-shirts.  A few were just too priceless to ignore:

Seems like the preferred state of mind if you’re about to let Santa come up your chimney!

And how about this poor girl. So alone and unloved she has to declare to the world that her self-love is indeed returned by her cunt:


 And for the finale, bringing up the rear so to speak, we have another invitation. Now, if either of her friends were suggesting anal I might have pause, given the view from the front. Miss Grumpy though? Back door view every time. Keep Calm and Bite the Pillow !


Merry Christmas y’all. And remember, Santa still visits the naughty boys and girls, and he doesn’t give out coal any more (global warming and all). Expect a deliciously tingly rear-end by morning, and a very clean chimney 🙂


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