Miranda’s Birthday

BIRTHDAY SPANKING photo 0769.jpg

Miranda has a birthday tomorrow. Here’s the little ditty I wrote for her card. She will, of course, receive a very tasty birthday spanking to start the day off right. More on that another time


So what? You’ve had a birthday

It’s nothing to despair

You’re not too bad for 41

At least you’ve got your hair


You’re looking pretty sexy

You keep yourself so trim

Even though you never exercise

And hate it at the gym


I think I know your secret

Of staying fit and young

It’s love that is the magic drug

And ours is super-strong


So if you want to keep your looks

And hold old age at bay

We should get down and dirty

Most every single day


And to keep your bum so taut and smooth

Good blood flow is desired

There’s only one solution here

A nightly spanking is required


Not too hard, of course, but just enough

To pinken up your cheeks

And once a week, a firmer dose

As I practice my technique


Then to keep your skin so supple

And your facial muscles tight

You must exercise your tongue and mouth

For 20 minutes each night


If you stretch your lips and work your tongue

Then a face lift you’ll not need

Face cream is overrated too

Just rub in my special seed


I’ll take an active part in this

So magnanimous, It’s true,

But I’ll make this sacrifice my dear

Coz I really do love you!


Tell me how you like it

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