Month: February 2015

It’s Been a While …

It’s been a while …

Since my bottom was sore

And I bent over your knee

As you spanked me some more

Since I knelt on the bed

Spread my knees real wide

Pushed my bum in the air

For you to thrash my sweet hide

It’s been a while …

Since you made me strip bare

Before spanking my bum

As you pulled on my hair

And then held my cheeks wide

Stretched my bum cleft apart

AS you yielded the strap

Right on my sensitive heart

It’s been a while …

Since I had bruises

From a brush or a paddle

When our play went a little too far

Since the redness was bright

Against my milky white flesh

And the sight of my buttocks

Gave you raggedy breath

It’s been a while …

Since the passion

Took over our lives

And the sex was mind-blowingly good

Since we held one another

And we laughed at our games

The way two true lovers should

It’s been a while ….