A wife knows

The car door slammed and heavy footsteps stomped up the stairs from the garage. The man wearily stepped into the kitchen, turning to close the door behind him. The effort of such a minimal task seemed almost too much to bear. He finally closed the door and walked into the kitchen. His wife looked at him sympathetically. She handed him a cold beer.

“Tough day, dear?”

“You could say that. Those little bastards know how to wind me up these days”. He took the beer bottle and twisted the top sharply, his frustration showing in every movement. He took a deep draught and placed the bottle on the counter, leaning his weight on his arms. His wife stepped behind him and reached up to rub his shoulders. The tension was evident through the white cotton of his shirt, damp now with the sweat of the late spring afternoon.

“You know how they get to you. You shouldn’t let them. What happened today?”

He spoke without turning. “Josie Smallwood. Caught smoking again. I’ve had her in my office every week over this and all I can do is send her to the School Counsellor. Little bitch knows how I hate girls smoking and she just pushes my buttons. She puts on that whiny little voice about how it’s an addiction and the school needs to be tolerant. Back in the day the only tolerance she’d have got from me would be to keep her fucking knickers on for a thrashing. Liberal bastards. Let them spend a day in a school, see if they can cope.”

She tried to placate him. “Oh surely it’s not that bad. I’m sure she’s trying to quit. And you were always so good with the kids.”

He stood up from the counter and faced her. At six two he was a head taller than her and she felt the little girl inside tremble slightly in the presence of this man who had been a Head for the last 15 years. It destroyed her to see how the last few years were eating away at his self-esteem. He spoke again, “It’s not just the smoking, it’s the attitude these days. Little bitch said, ‘my dad told me he would have been caned for smoking. Said you’d cane his bare bum. Shame you can’t do that to me, sir. Maybe it would help’. She said it with a smirk and little FUCKING wiggle. She’s a little whore, that one. Wouldn’t surprise me to find her pregnant before the end of the year. Christ, but I would like to whip some respect into that girl’s arse, I can tell you.”

She looked up at him, a man broken by a broken system. She knew what would help. What always helped, whether it was he or she that needed a lift. “Well,” she said. “I did have a little confession of my own. But I’m not sure you’re in a mood to deal with it,” as she spoke she played with the buttons on his shirt. The cues of their game were well understood on both sides. Each had become totally attuned to the other over the last 25 years. He quickly adopted his role, shrugging off the toils of the day as the old urges stirred.

He looked down into those big, brown eyes. “Well now, what’s the problem then, my dear?”

She stroked his chest as she spoke, “Let’s just say it was me who smoked a pack today. What’s that? 20 smokes? I’m pretty sure back in the day, you’d have had a way to deal with that, to make me see the error of my ways. No need to be lenient with me, either.” She looked up as she spoke, then bit her lip gently.

He felt the swelling urge in his pants at the thought. “Well now. 20 smokes in a day. That’s a big problem young lady. One that needs to be stamped out right now. Only way I see for that is a painful solution. I think the price is one swat for every cigarette. Bare bum, naturally. Are you prepared to take your medicine, to set you on the right track?”

She smiled as she saw her old husband came back from under the toils of the day. “Well I guess I have to be. I know I’ve been really, really bad, and I know you only want to help me.”

image“Well then, you head into my office and make yourself ready. I’ll be right in.”

A few minutes later he entered the small office at the back of the house. The sight before him caught his breath. Here was his wife of 25 years, naked from the waist down and bent over the desk. Her feet were spread wide and her back was dipped to open her bum cheeks up, revealing the wrinkled brown eye within and the delights of her sex. She had balanced their spanking paddle on her back. She wiggled her bum slightly as she heard his footsteps, careful not to unbalance the paddle.

She looked over her shoulder and smiled as she said, “When we’re finished with the smokes, I should also tell you I had a real hankering to suck on a big, fat cigar today.”

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