Some spanky limericks 

I had a few minutes to kill waiting for Miranda and I had a few thoughts on how she should pay for keeping me waiting. Put me in mind of some spanky hanky panky limericks. Enjoy

I’ve a yearning for spanking a bum

As a precursor to a jolly good cum

So if you don’t mind

Simply bare your behind

And we can get down to some whacking good fun


There’s nothing I like to see more

Than plump buttocks that seem to implore

Please give me a smack

Not a gentle love tap

I just loved it when we did it before


A girl’s well spread bottom reveals

Charms that should not be concealed

Deep down in her cleft

Her only virginity left

Til to my manhood it does finally yield


Oh please can I spank your tight bum

You’re as luscious as a nice juicy plum

Spread your twin moons apart

And I’ll certainly start

To beat your bottom like a band members drum


  1. I came earlier love, listening to Radiohead. Imagine. That’s why I came twice thinking about your utterly devourable body, slit banging, tittoes, you know, fucking you. So maybe a bit later OK?

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