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Virgin Whacks

Josie sat stiffly in the upright chair in front of Carla’s desk. She was struggling to sit still, constantly fiddling with her notepad and pen. In her fidgeting she dropped her pen and it rolled under Carla’s desk. Josie dropped to her knees and plucked up the pen, then smacked her head as she rose. She stifled a cry as she resumed her seat.

“Oh for God’s sake, Josie! Why are you so nervous?” Carla asked, exasperated at the flustered young intern. “And why do I have you in my office, wasting my time? Do you want to be fired?”

Josie had joined Whiplash at the start of summer as  an  intern in the final year of her commerce degree, and she had been an exemplary employee. But today  she had made a serious error. Carla picked up the article Josie had drafted this morning. “So when did you lose your ability to write, Josie?” She asked. “Or maybe you’re a better writer than we thought, hmmm?” she peered over her reading glasses at the squirming young woman. “So this,” she picked up the article, “is an ad for Jungle Johnny’s new family restaurant – correct?” (more…)

Tanned to Understand


Dom grinned down at Sammi, staring open-mouthed at the six naked, reddened bottoms facing her. She looked faintly ridiculous as she stood there, naked herself from the waist down and with the black rubber strap-on bouncing as it poked out from her groin. She had just finished caning and fucking Stevie, the shoot director, and had entirely forgotten the recalcitrant models who had been largely the cause of poor Stevie’s painful buttocks and stretched arsehole.

“OH!” was all she could say.

“Well, you were obviously busy, so I decided to take matters into my own hands. Tough work, but someone had to pick up the slack while you were playing with boy-toy there,” he flicked a nod towards Stevie, still slumped across the stool to which he was strapped. “So me and the girls here, we had ourselves a little chat.” Dom glanced along the row of lingerie models standing head bowed as they displayed their buttocks. “They all agreed they were being bratty, and what else do you do to a brat but bend her over your knee and spank her bare bum?”

Sammi was still speechless as she drank in the delicious row of red rumps. Dom saw his chance and took control. He spoke firmly to the girls, “Ladies – you are dismissed for tonight. Go home and think about the message you just received. Be here promptly at 8am and line up in position on the edge of the stage, bums bared and presented for a quick reminder before we get to work.” He walked along the row, lifting each girl’s chin and looking them in the eye. “ When I get here I expect to see you all kneeling right here,” – Dom pointed to the edge of the stage – “bottoms up – got that?” He waited until he had received an acknowledgement from each girl, then turned to speak to Stevie, still prone and straining his neck to watch. “And don’t think you get off here Stevie – I’m not against strapping your arse again, just don’t expect me to fuck it. Maybe one of the ladies will oblige,” he laughed.

He looked over at Sammi. “Are you thinking of driving back like that, or are you gonna drop the dick and get dressed? I’ll see you in the car in 10.”


Sitting in the underground parkade, Sammi could not contain herself a moment longer. “Okay,” she said, “I give in. How did you get six models to drop their knickers and let you spank them?” She twisted in her seat to face him, wincing slightly as she forgot the bruising caning she had suffered earlier that day. “ I mean, I know from personal experience you’ve got that certain something when it comes to charming the ladies, but surely, even you’re not that good!”

Dom laughed. “Simple,” he said, “When we arrived I saw Crystal and Melissa modelling. I know them both from the scene. They’ve both been over my knee more than once and they love it. When they all dashed off to the dressing room I caught Crystal and held her back. I told her to follow my lead and watch the fun.” Dom paused as he played back the memory, “Back in the dressing room I really tore into them all; threatened they would never model again with that attitude. I said they were all spoiled brats who needed to be taught a lesson. And that’s when I looked over at Crystal and gave her a little nod. She picked up on it quick enough. She came over, all meek and mild and apologetic. ‘Sorry sir’ she said, ‘I know I was a brat. Please forgive me’, so I said to her, ‘what makes me want to forgive you? How do I know you’re truly sorry and you all understand what’s expected, that you’ve learned your lesson?’”

He smiled at Sammi, “I could see her almost creaming her knickers as she played the game! She shuffled over, stood just in front of me, head bowed and said ‘Please Sir. I know I’ve been a brat. Please spank me so I can be forgiven’. So I looked at the others. ‘good enough,’I said, ‘but you’ve all been little bratty bitches. It’s all or none.’”

Sammi looked across at him incredulously, “So just like that, they all lined up for big bad Dom to spank their bums?”

He paused, “Not quite. They all were shuffling around, not looking me in the eye, so I took hold of Crystal, found a chair and yanked her over my knee. I whipped her knickers off and started into her, good and hard. I left fingerprints with the first smacks. Crystal’s a good girl, she can take a hard spanking but she likes to kick and scream. That scared them all a bit. They were all fidgety and nervous, but then they saw Crystal’s pussy soaking wet as she kicked her legs. She was giving them a show, I know. After a good spanking, I flipped her off and looked for Melissa.”

Dom lifted himself to adjust his growing cock as he recalled the experience. “I told Melissa – you’re next! Get over my knee!’ Of course she did, playing the same nervous game. I spanked her good too. She really gets off on it, almost cums just from spanking. I just gave her clit a quick Dom special and she was over the top. That did it for them all and I almost had to fight them off. Tough job though,” he said as he eased down his zipper and pulled down his pants. His erection sprang out. “Six naked models spanked, all that wet pussy and not one of them thought to thank me. I think I deserve a special thank you today though, boss.” He stroked his shaft as he looked at her.

Sammi smiled, shook her head at his presumptuousness, then she leaned across and dipped her head over his cock to give him his bonus.


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Nature’s Ointment

Prima Donna, Punished and Quaking

Remedial Action

Sammi Smites Stevie


Sammi Smites Stevie

Sammi and Dom entered the studio quietly, wanting to catch Stevie, the photographer / shoot director off-guard. Their approach was masked by the bright lights illuminating the runway and casting the rest of the room into shadow. They took in the room. There were several large lighting stands and a Vaudeville style stage which incorporated a runway. Three models in lacy lingerie and high heels stood looking bored and aloof as a young, slim and definitely gay Stevie tried to explain the shots he was aiming for. It was obvious that the models either didn’t know their jobs, or were being deliberately obtuse to fluster Stevie, and clearly it was working. Sammi and Dom watched as he approached the runway to give direction. As he reached out a hand to pose one of the models she slapped him away and barked, “Get your hands off me, you little piece of shit. Who do you think you are to touch me!”

Sammi flared at this and stormed forward, Dom dashing to keep up. She rounded on the model, now nervously backing away down the runway. “You can get your skinny arse back to the dressing room. I’ll be in to talk to you all soon enough, once I’ve dealt with young Stevie here.” The three stood in shocked silence. “MOVE!” roared Sammi, and as one the threesome shot back along the stage to the sanctuary of the dressing room.

Sammi turned now to Stevie who was smirking at the treatment he had seen his nemesis receive. “Oh Miss Williams, I’m so pleased you came by. The girls are such a handful,” he gushed.

Sammi stared. “No words, Stevie. No more words. You are a week late and $10,000 over budget. No more words. But Carla did give me a message to pass on to you.” With that she tugged down the zipper of her skirt and let the fabric fall in a pool at her feet. She had not replaced her knickers after her earlier thrashing and so was now naked from the waist down. Behind her she heard Dom’s intake of breath as he saw the full extent of the damage caused by Carla’s cane just an hour ago. Sammi’s bum was a criss-cross of welts which had begun to darken into deep bruises. She turned so her back was now to Stevie, and she heard his gasp as he saw her well-decorated cheeks.

She turned back to face him, standing legs apart with her hands on her naked hips. “If you want to work in this town again, you will take the message I am going to give you to heart and you will learn your trade under me and you will, in time, become a valued member of the Whiplash Marketing team.”  She paused for effect, then spoke quietly and menacingly. “If, however, you choose to leave, you will be sued for the full costs of this shoot and you will never work in this industry as long as Carla and I are able to prevent it. Your choice!”

Stevie looked from Sammi to Dom and back. He could see he had no way out. Whiplash had such a huge reputation that he needed this job on his resume. He swallowed hard. “W-what message do you have to give me?” he stammered.

Sammi just smiled and reached a hand back for her kitbag. Dom passed it over and she dropped it heavily on the floor before reaching inside to extract a pair of leather cuffs joined by a stout chain. She looked around and spied a swivel stool on wheels that Stevie used when shooting. She examined it, and finding it to her satisfaction she summoned Stevie over to stand behind the stool. Sammi raised the seat to be level with Stevie’s waist. “Bend over the seat and reach down,” she ordered. Stevie quickly complied, anxious to avoid further antagonizing of Sammi. As he did so she quickly snapped the restraints onto his wrists and secured them around the central leg of the stool. Stevie jerked against the restraints, “W-what are you doing?” he cried.

“Oh, I think you know,” Sammi replied. She reached under him to unbutton his jeans, then tugged his pants and underwear down to his feet to hobble him. She stood again, taking in the sight of his naked butt, poised and vulnerable. “Oh, what’s this?” she exclaimed, touching his cheek. A tattoo marked his smooth, pale flesh. A tattoo of an imp bending and showing his naked butt. Underneath were the words ‘Bite Me’.  “I do believe I will take that as an invitation, young Stevie. I’m guessing you must be a little Twinkie, am I right? Well let’s see if Momma can give it to you as good as your Daddy does!”

Sammi reached into the bag and pulled out the familiar strap. “A quick warm-up, I think, then we can get down to Carla’s message.” She pulled the strap back and cracked it across his tender cheeks. Dom winced as he saw the strap bite into Stevie’s slender behind and whip around to mark his outer thigh. He recalled the venom with which Sammi had lashed him just a short while back. He had not sat comfortably for some time after that night. But now it was someone else on the receiving end at least. He watched as Sammi whipped the strap across Stevie’s bum a dozen times. The sight of her half naked while she whipped Stevie’s soft, smooth bum had him straining in his pants.

Sammi saw him watching and glanced down at his bulging crotch. “You can stay if you like – didn’t know this was your taste, but if want to be useful you can instill some discipline into those prima donnas in the dressing room. I’m going to be a while here. “ She punctuated these final words with a few well-placed whacks with the strap, before throwing it to the ground and reaching between Stevie’s legs to squeeze his sac and shaft.

Dom took his cue and jumped up onto the runway, heading to the dressing room. Meanwhile Sammi had brought Stevie to full attention with her expert manipulations. “Not just a boy-toy then, are you?” she teased, rolling his glans in her palm. Stevie groaned and twitched as she fondled him. “No fun for you though, just for me!” she declared, and pulled Carla’s cane from her bag. She gave Stevie 10 hard forehand cuts, then switched sides to deliver 10 backhand cuts. Each hard, deliberate stroke brought a sharp yelp from Stevie, until by the end he was gasping, sore and broken. “Just one more part of the message, then we are done,” Sammi declared. She reached into the bag once more and pulled out a double-ended strap-on. She carefully inserted the device into her wet pussy, then strapped the dildo around her waist. She took a liberal scoop of lubricant and pressed it between Stevie’s sore cheeks, then pressed the blunt tip of the rubber shaft against his anus, and pushed. He gave a sharp cry as the shaft entered him, but his cries turned to moans of satisfaction as she began to fuck him. Each thrust rocked the shaft in her pussy, teasing and building her own orgasm. As she felt her climax build she increased her pace in Stevie’s arse. She started as he cried out and shot his cum on the floor, just as her own orgasm crashed through her. She pulled the hard rubber from his gaping anus and he collapsed, exhausted and sated over the stool.

Dom’s voice broke the spell. He called out as he stepped from behind the stage curtain, “If you’ve done with your boy-toy down there, I’ve been working pretty hard back here too.” He signalled to the girls and out walked six beautiful women, all knickerless. They lined up along the edge of the runway and turned their backs to Sammi. She stared open-mouthed at Dom as she drank in the sight of six well-reddened and beautiful backsides facing her.

Remedial Action


Carla threw down the cane after leaving 20 or more criss-crossed lines across Sammi cheeks. Sammi lay still, sobbing softly into the leather of the Chesterfield, her hot, sore bottom still pushed high over the arm. Carla stepped behind her between her feet, forcing her knees further apart and opening her behind. The cane strokes had deepened to angry purple where the strokes had overlapped, yet in the cleft between her punished cheeks where the cane did not bite the flesh remained smooth, soft and tender. Sammi flinched as Carla laid her hands gently on her buttocks, caressing the hot welts with a butterfly touch.

Carla spoke as she softly stroked her lover’s punished bottom. “All done now, time to kiss it better.” Sammi jerked as she felt her lover’s tongue slide down her unpunished cleft to circle her anus. She thrust her bottom higher to open herself more to Carla’s tongue as she trailed down to tongue the groove of her sex, wet now after the pain-pleasure of her caning. Sammi’s legs were wide apart and her back arched right over the sofa’s arm as she presented her pussy for Carla’s tongue, desperate to extract every ounce of pleasure from her loving. Sammi cried out as Carla squeezed her whipped cheeks in her lust for her pussy, yet soon forgot the pain as Carla found her clitoris and flicked the nub with a stiff tongue. After only a few minutes, Sammi stiffened and cried out as her orgasm flooded through her.

Carla stood and wiped the juices from her lips before speaking. “There now. All done. Now you just have to deliver the same message to the Sapphire crew. Take Dom with you – he’s shaping up to be a good shoot director. Maybe he can talk sense into those wanna-be catwalk queens.” She looked down at Sammi, still recovering on the sofa. “Did you want more? I see the paddle in there if you’d like a round with that next?”

“NO! No, that’s, that’s good enough. Message received loud and clear.” Sami stumbled off the sofa and grabbed her skirt and knickers from the floor where Carla had tossed them earlier. The knickers were ripped apart so she just tossed them in the trash can and stepped into her skirt. The silky lining felt good against her sore bottom as she gingerly walked from the room.


Dom chuckled as he watched Sammi trying to find a comfortable position as she drove them over to the Sapphire shoot. He had heard the unmistakable sound of a cane striking flesh as he came back into the main office after lunch, and he had spent the last half hour on his knees peering through the keyhole to spy on the lovers. He had seen Carla standing over Sammi as she lay on the sofa. He couldn’t see her bum, but he did see the cane rise and fall a good many times. He soon had his cock out and was stroking his shaft as he had watched as Carla disappeared from view behind Sammi. His imagination had filled in the rest and we had wanked himself in time with Carla’s tongue and Sammi’s moans, shooting a gob of spunk onto the carpet as Sammi screamed her release. He had barely had time to clean the mess and get back to his desk before the door was flung open and Sammi had gingerly but purposefully stalked over to his desk. With a voice made hoarse by the tears and screams, she instructed him to get himself downstairs and wait in the car.  She came down some time later  having cleaned herself up. She threw a kitbag into the trunk and dropped into the seat. He laughed out loud as he recalled how she had nearly shot through the car roof as her bum hit the seat.

Sammi shot him a mean look. “Not a word. Not a single, fucking word unless you want some of the same.” Dom tried to keep a straight face and nearly choked as he smothered a laugh. Sammi broke down too then, and laughed with him. “Okay, yes it was fun. Fucking painful, then and now, but good fun. And it will be even better fun when I pass the message on to that wanker of a shoot director and that gaggle of supposed models he employed. That little tosser is a week overdue and I’ve seen nothing yet. And after that, I’m going to give it to Angie-fucking-Mosely. I’ll show her how she needs to keep her models in order. Watch and learn, Dom. Watch-and-learn!” Dom adjusted himself as his cock began to grow at the thought of the action still to come that afternoon.



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Prima Donna, Punished and Quaking


“Hey Sammi,” called Carla, looking up from her computer, “did you realise you and Dom share a birthday? I was just updating the HR system and I realised you and he are both going to be a year older next week. Calls for a special celebration I think, especially since you complained of missing out on the fun a couple of weeks back.” Carla peered over her monitor to gauge the reaction of her partner in love and work. Sammi made no reply, so Carla picked up a stress ball and lobbed it at her head.

“What the fuck? Carla, I’m busy. I don’t have time for your games right now. The Sapphire shoot is fucked up and I can’t get hold of the crew. Fuck, fuck, fuckety fucking shit-heat toss- pot arsehole cunt whacking FUCKERS!”

Carla sat back, amazed at the outburst from her partner, normally the level head in the relationship. “O-kay. Seems like someone lost her teddy. Chill babe, not that bad!”

“Carla, what the fuck do you know? I’ve been working the Sapphire shoot all alone and those lingerie models are all a bunch of prima donna queens. I would just love to go down there and thrash the arse off every one of ‘em, and the crappy crew who let them walk all over them. Bunch of pussies every one. I bet there’s not a stiff dick amongst them, least not until they get back into their dark room.” Sammi snorted in derision. “I should go down there, whip all their arses and peg the crew for good measure. Shove some ginger up the models arses and see if that lights their fire.” She flung her notebook down on the desk, sending a coffee mug flying across the files and papers strewn over the desk.

“SAMMI! Jeezus, you crazy bitch! You could’ve ruined the computers, portfolios, everything.” Carla was mad. “You just need to chill! Seems like you;re the rpima donna queen here!”

“Fuck it, fuck it all! I’m through. See you at home.” Sammi pushed back from the desk and stood up. Carla quickly followed suit.

“Oh no you don’t. You don’t throw a paddy and storm out, leaving me to clean up your mess. And you don’t shout at me in my own office. Maybe you’re onto something if you think a good thrashing would solve the workforce problems over there at Sapphire. Maybe we should start with the project manager, see if that fixes anything.”

The two women faced off, neither willing to back down. They had been here before – two fiery, passionate women whose tempers flared quickly and who would never concede to the other without a fight. It was partly what gave their relationship such dynamism, and what made the Whiplash Agency one of the foremost marketing teams in the city. Sammi went to sidestep Carla and head out the door. Carla was too quick and she grabbed her arm and yanked her back. Sammi tried to pull free when the rip of fabric stopped her cold. She looked at her hand and saw she had torn Carla’s blouse, ripping the fabric open to reveal her red lace bra cupping her firm breasts.

“Oh shit, Carla I’m sorry – serves you right though. You shouldn’t try to stop me.”

Carla was fuming now. “You are gonna pay for that. And not with money!” She tightened her grip on Sammi’s wrist. “get your arse over the sofa. NOW!”

Sammi tried to tug free again, and scratched her lover’s hand in the process. Carla wrenched her back, pulling her off balance so she stumbled backwards on to the Chesterfield. Carla quickly flipped her legs up and smacked her palm down hard on her skirt-covered seat. The smacks were not hard compared to their normal games, but the shock brought Sammi down to earth. She stopped writhing and allowed Carla to spank her several more times with her open palm. She didn’t resist when Carla tugged down her zip and yanked the skirt of her legs, nor when Carla ripped her knickers off to bare her buttocks for more serious assault. With the target cleared, Carla resumed her rapid-fire spanking, venting her anger on her lover’s upturned bum, whacking indiscriminately across her spread cheeks. More than once Sammi yelped as she caught a sharp smack on her pussy lips, and her anus stung from the many slaps that landed directly on her hole, spread wide in this position.

Finally, Carla’s anger abated and her pace slowed. She was flushed and panting as she lowered Sammi’s legs back down. But she was not yet ready to forgive. Not until Sammi was ready to be much, much more contrite. Instead of letting Sammi rise, she flipped her over the arm of the Chesterfield. Fr both, this was one of their favourite spanking positions. The arm thrust the penitent’s buttocks high and the seat gave plenty of support to sustain a long assault. Sammi suspected she may prefer to lie on the sofa rather than sit for the next few days, judging by the quiet anger emanating from her lover. Sammi wisely decided not to inflame the situation still further. She adjusted her own position so that her buttocks were high and spread, her feet apart to open her cheeks and expose her pussy to view.

From her prone position Sammi watched Carla walk over to the cupboard that housed their spanking toys. These toys were well used around the office for play and discipline. Just a couple of weeks ago she had used the leather strap on Dom’s delightful rear when he and Jo had fought in the office. She had lit a fire in him that day, she recalled. No doubt her cheeks would feel the same way very soon. She watched as Carla looked through the assortment of straps, paddles, hairbrushes and other implements bought or donated by the staff for their amusement. She gasped as she saw that Carla had found the one item Sammi truly feared.

“No! No not the cane. Please Carla, not the cane. You know it stings terribly, and I’ll still have marks in weeks!” Sammi was visibly quaking as Carla approached with the vicious rod.

“Oh I think my marks will be there as long as yours,” Carla said, showing the back of her hand where three bloody striped showed the effects of Sammi’s earlier assault. “At least your marks won’t be bleeding. Possibly.” Carla stepped up behind Sammi and measured her distance. “Now, we’ve got a $90 shirt ruined, plus the work on the desk covered in coffee, plus my scratched hand. I can’t even think of a total. I will just keep going until I’m tired or bored I think.” A she spoke she punctuated the words with swift, hard cane strokes, each biting deeply into the lush, upturned cheeks before her. And each time, Sammi yelped and then presented herself for more.

As she caned her lover Carla said, “you know, we didn’t finish discussing your birthdays. You know, we could have a costume party. You already have a costume – you can go as a tiger with nice, bright stripes.” She laughed as she continued to add to the decoration of her lover’s bottom.



And that was P and Q for the A to Z Chalelnge. It all began HERE, and I listed all the posts in the series to date HERE.

Nature’s Ointment

Sammi paused to admire the firm, young brown buttocks presented for her strap. Dominic clearly was determined not to show any weakness in the eyes of his female protagonists. He was taking his strapping stoically, though certainly not in total silence. He had locked himself in position by linking his arms behind his knees. This position, with his feet planted wide for balance, gave Sammi a delightful view of his tight buttocks, spread wide to reveal the darker whorl of his anus. And beneath hung his heavy balls and that magnificent cock. His erection had softened but his shaft was still turgid and full of promise. A strand of clear juice hung from the tip, glistening in the light. Sammi reached under him to cup the strand in her palm, then rolled her palm around his cock head, lubricating the bluntness with his own juice. She rolled her palm around the tender skin, stiffening him once more and eliciting a guttural grunt. (more…)


“Come on now, don’t be shy. It goes easier on the first to volunteer. You should know that, Jo.” Carla slapped the strap into her palm as she looked from one to the other. Dominic stood with his pants around his ankles and his erection poking through his shirt tails. ‘I’ll give him credit,’ thought Carla, ‘He’s not the least bit fazed being half-naked in front of a room full of women. Almost as if he likes to strut his stuff.’

As if he had read her thoughts, Dominic kicked away his pants, strode to the centre of the room and bent forwards to grasp his ankles. His feet were spread apart, giving the women a glorious view of his toned, burnished buttocks and the heavy weight of his cock and balls beneath. The three collectively held their breath as they drank in the sight of the young buck, bent to receive his lashing. Dominic glanced back. “Well, are we doing this or not? If one of you wants to get down here I can show you how it’s done. And I can tell you, I’ll take double whatever you do!” (more…)

Juvenile, Knackers and Leather

The next day, Carla and Sammi were in the office working on the shoot for the Bryson Motors campaign when raised voices disturbed their concentration. They tried to ignore the commotion, and almost succeeded, until the shouting turned to shrieks and then the distinctive sound of a palm striking bare flesh. The pair looked at each other, dropped what they were doing and dashed outside.

The sight before them stopped them in their tracks. Dominic had Jo across his knees. He had her skirt up and knickers down, and he was spanking her bare bottom vigorously. Jo was kicking and bucking, screaming at him at the top of her voice, “Stop you fucking moron! If you don’t stop fucking smacking me I will rip your knackers off and shove them down your throat OWWWW!!” (more…)


Later that evening, Carla and Sammi were sitting with a glass of wine, enjoying the quiet after the pressures of the day. Sammi turned to Carla, “So, did you think any more about young Dominic’s initiation?”

Carla lay back on the sofa and closed her eyes, imagining the possibilities for Dominic’s initiation. She smiled as she thought of his delicious, chocolate brown bum bent to her will. She recalled her first introduction to him, when she had licked his balls as he fucked Sammi. His balls had hung low and heavy and she licked her lips as she recalled their firmness in her mouth, and the taste of his shaft, wet with Sammi’s juices.

She imagined Dominic on his knees, bum high and legs spread. She would reach between his legs and fondle his cock and ball-sac, maybe finger-fuck his arse as she did so. And then she would spank him. A long, delicious, hard, slow and very thorough spanking. And throughout she would finger and fondle his thick shaft to keep him hard. She would use his own juices to lubricate his cock-head and drive him absolutely wild by rapidly rubbing his cock tip with her palm. She would tease and tug his balls, keeping him just on the edge of pain yet desperate for more. Maybe she would use her dildo to fuck his bum between spankings, gently thrusting past his inevitable resistance until she could slide the thick shaft in and out of his tight brown hole. And then the spanking, oh yes! The spanking. She would start with her hairbrush, the wooden one with the broad, thick back. This would really warm his cheeks. She knew she could break him with just the brush if she chose, but she had more in store. She wanted to crop him too. Her favourite crop had a broad, flat circle of stiff leather at the tip that would lay on a rapid fire stinging all over his cheeks. She would use the crop to slap his bum-hole too, stretched and sore from the dildo fucking. And then she would use the strap, of course. She owed him a good, hard thrashing to pay-back for the bruised cheeks she still had. He would have to take at least 20 of her best since he gave her close to that number without a warm-up.

And then she would flip him over and sit on his face so he could thank her properly for his whipped bum and well-fucked arse. She would enjoy tasting his shaft once more as he serviced her to keep him good and ready for when she crawled down his body and slid his length into her wet, willing and ready cunt. And then she would grind her pussy down his shaft, taking every inch as his length. And then she would slide slowly, slowly up until his tip hovered at the outer rim of her pussy, so she could slide down him like a pole dancer. And with every thrust, she would thrust her buttocks out, giving him a front row view of the buttocks he bruised and her anus, puckering fluttering in time with the pressure inside her sheath. He would see her lips clinging to his shaft as she climbed, and then clinging to him as she sank back down, slamming to his root. She would squeeze and grasp his bollocks as she rode him hard to her orgasm. And as soon as she came, she would slide his still-hard cock out of her tight sheath and leave him standing tall, twitching and deserate. And then he would know that his purpose was to serve at her pleasure, NOT his.

Carla turned her head to Sammi. “Didn’t give it another thought, You?”


And that was I for the A to Z Challenge. This story is gaining its own life. I’m really looking forward to seeing what Carla, Sammi and Dominic get up to from here! I do think Dominic will be living some of my fantasies, so if you have any of your own you would like to live through Carla, Sammi or Dominic, just let me know. I’m here to please 🙂


If you are late to the party, the story started here.


Horny for Humbling

Carla’s phone pinged with the unique tone she had assigned to Sammi. She picked her phone up, curious to see what was important enough for her to be disturbed at her desk:

message 1

Carla closed her door and browsed to the blog page. The image on the post was really erotic, even though it was just a cartoon, and it had Carla wriggling her bum to relieve an urgent pulsing in her pussy. ‘Nice,’ she thought. ‘I could see us handling young Dominic like this.’

She moved on, chuckling to herself as she read the hilarious verse penned by Rudi. When she had finished she browsed through several other postings on the site, noting a few that gave her ideas for spanking scenarios. One story in particular really got her juices flowing, and she couldn’t resist pulling up her skirt to probe her rapidly moistening sex. Her fingertip gently circled her clit as she imagined herself enacting the story Rudi had so eloquently told. She spent a delightful few minutes bringing herself to orgasm as she imagined thrashing an unsuspecting shopper with a spatula. When she had come back down to earth she picked up her phone once more:




Carla put down her phone and smiled as she imagined bringing young Dominic to his knees in the open office. She recalled the pleasure he took from whipping her with the leather belt a few days earlier. He had left her with some vivid reminders. And while she had certainly enjoyed the experience, she called the shots in the bedroom and the office. It was time for Dominic to realise he could be a Dom in name only if he wanted to stay working under her, in every way imaginable.


Part H of the evolving adventures of Carla and Sammi, for the A to Z Challenge. The adventures started here.