Clever – a reward

lesbian69 by Samarel, from

The sharp, biting pain of the four blows from the leather strap eased quickly and left behind a delicious sting that caused her to squeeze and tense her muscles. She wanted more, and wriggled her bottom to encourage her lover. Her world remained contained to the highly-sensitised flesh of her upthrust buttocks and the sounds of Queen echoing around her head. The sleep mask eliminated all light from the mid-summer day outside. She lay, wondering when the next blow might fall. Would it be the strap again, or the crop. She loved the sharp bite of the crop and the sharp nip as the leather flap slapped down, or the harsher bite of a firm stroke across her haunches. She loved the intensity as the leather flap slapped down on her anus, stinging deeply into her rectum and causing her hole to pulse. Yes, the crop was what she wanted next, but when would it fall?

She felt her lover tug at her earpiece, pulling the cord away. She heard her voice whispering. “Clara, my love,  you were so clever, the way you beat that bastard Michael. So I wanted to thank you properly. I brought us both a special surprise, but you must follow my direction completely and keep your mask and earphones on. I want your remaining senses heightened.” Clara murmured her assent, and then her world returned to music as the earpiece was gently reinserted. She felt hands easing her onto her elbows, then a pressure on the bed as her lover slid herself underneath. She felt legs slide past her elbows, and her hips nudging into position. She felt the heat of her lover’s body beneath her and lowered her head, opening her mouth to kiss the smooth, spread lips she found there. Behind, she felt hands on her buttocks and then the familiar, delicious and delightful feeling of her lover’s mouth on her wet, eager cunt. She felt her lover’s tongue circle round her clit, then draw a line along her engorged slit and upwards to flick her anus. She returned the favour, easing her lover’s hips off the bed so she could drill down into the warm cleft beneath and jab her tongue past the tight, bitter ring. She pulled away and used her finger to toy with the lubricated hole. She pushed the tip in and out, stretching and probing, and returned her oral attentions to her lover’s clitoris, teasing the nub into erection.

Behind, she felt her lover probe her cunt with a finger. The same finger then trailed along her perineum to rest against her anus. She pushed outwards to signal her desire, and she was rewarded by the feeling of the finger pushing against the tight ring. Her anus stretched to allow the intrusion and she felt her tight hole being finger fucked. As the gentle fingering continued, her lover began to tongue-fuck her willing pussy, probing the wet depths with her tongue. The tonguing stopped momentarily and was replaced by a blunt, firm presence which slowly, gently stretched her cunt as it slid inside. It felt like a new dildo, not one of their usual ones. This one was different, better somehow, and she thrust back to encourage the attentions. As the gentle in and out strokes continued, she felt her lover’s lips return to her pussy, alternating between licking her clitoris and tonguing her hole as the dildo continued to slide in and out.


This has been C for Clever (very loosely I will admit, but the revealing of the cleverness will come tomorrow). I hope you are enjoying the creation of this A-to-Z Challenge story as much as I am enjoying imagining the antics of these two young sapphics.





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