Doubly Delicious

Clara’s pleasure built and built as her lover continued her delicious feast. She felt her clitoris being teased with the firm flicks of her lover’s tongue. The deep, slow thrusting of the expertly manipulated dildo rubbed up against her G-spot on every inward thrust. Her breathing was ragged and it was all she could to focus on pleasuring her lover, laying beneath her with her thighs wide spread and her pussy open and ready for attention. She lapped along her lover’s wetness like a cat lapping at a bowl of milk, drinking in the deliciousness of her arousal.

Clara remained isolated from the world, her sight and hearing temporarily shut off by the earpieces pumping the soaring sounds of Queen into her head, and the sleep mask closing out all light. Deprived of two senses she was aware that her taste and touch was heightened, especially so with her pussy and anus being so expertly stimulated. She felt her lover’s finger push again at her anus, easily gaining entry thanks to the earlier lubrication. She felt this finger press against the thin membrane, forcing the dildo to thrust harder against her G-spot and increasing the intensity of the fucking she was receiving. And through it all, she felt her lover tonguing her clitoris and the rim of her vaginal opening as the firm shaft slid inexorably in and out.

As her orgasm built Clara dug her fingers into the flesh of her partner’ s buttocks, squeezing the firm flesh and pulling the cheeks apart. She dug a finger deep into her partner’s anus, mirroring the feelings she was experiencing, and she forced her mouth down onto her willing pussy, lapping and sucking at the wet, engorged flesh as the intensity built and built until Finally, her dam burst and she shrieked as her orgasm crashed through her body.

Beneath her, she felt her partner’s mouth move away from her body. She was grateful for the respite as she panted with the exertion of the incredibly powerful orgasm. She felt thrusting of the dildo slow and then stop deep within her, before being gently slid from her engorged channel. Her lover stroked her thighs as the intensity ebbed, then wriggled out from beneath her. She felt a tug on her earphone and the breath of her lover as whispered gently, “Flip over, it’s my turn. And when you’re underneath, make sure you keep the mask and music going until I tell you!”

Clara rolled onto her back and allowed her knees to drop apart. She felt the bed shift as her lover knelt over her body and adjusted herself. As Clara lifted her head to resume her oral loving, her nose bumped against something hard, sliding into her lover. She let out a little squeak of surprise and jerked her head away, then gingerly moved her fingers inwards towards the intrusion. Her fingertips touched a firm, warm shaft that was sliding in and out of her lover’s eager cunt. Her fingers explored further, squeezing the shaft then moving backwards along the length. One hand bumped against a firm, hard belly. The other grasped the swaying scrotum of a well-endowed male who was slowly fucking her lover. She plucked the earpieces from her ears and spoke.  “Sammi, my love,” she said, “There appears to be a man fucking you. Any idea who he is?”

Sammi lifted her face from her pussy to reply, “That’s Dominic. He’s your new intern. I ‘interviewed him’ yesterday and he’s ours to do with as we please for the next 6 months. Do you like?”

“Well, what I can feel is nice, and his bollocks taste delicious. If the rest is as good, then …”

“And you already know how well he can fuck, and whip!”

Clara gasped. “You clever little bitch, Sammi. And there I was thinking you were using a new dildo.” Smiling to herself at the clever, delicious surprise her lover had arranged, she lifted her head once more, this time to lick the underside of the solid cock as it slowly slid in and out of her lover. She waited until the cock was fully rooted inside and moved her head slightly to suck at the hanging scrotum, popping his balls into her mouth and preventing any further movement. She held him there, rolling his balls with her tongue, then reached above the intruding shaft to her lover’s anus. She pushed a finger inside and felt the hard shaft through the thin wall. She popped the balls out of her mouth to allow Dominic to resume his fucking, as she pressed his cock through Sammi’s thin anal wall. Sammi continued her oral pleasuring of Clara as she herself was fucked, fingered and sucked.

An idea suddenly popped into Clara’s head. “Wait, wait. If he whipped me, I want to watch him whip you.” She pulled the mask off her face and found she was looking up at the underside of a thick brown shaft. “Oh, nice! Dominic, I want you to spank Sammi with the strap, like you did to me.” Her eyes grew as she watched the rigid length withdraw. It seemed to go on and on until finally the bulbous head popped out and the shaft sprang upwards like a divining rod. “Oh my, I definitely need that again soon, but not until your bum is stinging, you sneaky little minx, Sammi!”

Dominic moved away from the girls to retrieve the leather strap. Clara drank in the sight before her. His ebony body looked huge from her angle, and he was clearly well endowed all over. He picked up the strap, pulled his arm back and lashed it back across Sammi’s pale cheeks. Clara gasped as the strap whipped across her lover’s cheeks just inches above her face, biting deeply into the spread cheeks before withdrawing. Sammi dug her nails into Clara’s thighs as the pain hit. “Oh yes,” gasped Clara. “Again. Whip her again you delicious beast.”


This has been your letter D for the A to Z challenge. Back on Monday with E.





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