Escalation & Fulfillment


Dominic swung the strap again, lashing Sammi across the crown of her upturned buttocks. “Oh my God, that is awesome,” cried Carla, as she lay beneath Sammi. “Wait one minute, I need to lick,” She raised her lips and suckled on Sammi’s clitoris, squeezing her hot buttocks as she did so. Sammi pushed herself backwards into Clara’s face and at the same time, she attacked Carla’s pussy with her own tongue. Sated, Carla lay back, her mouth glistening with sex juices. Sammi wriggled her bottom signalling that she wanted Carla’s face back in her pussy. Carla glanced up at Dominic and gave a little nod. He pulled back his arm and swung the strap again, slapping the leather low so that the broad band smacked square across Sammi’s puffy lips. Carla guffawed as Sammi shrieked in pain.

Sammi jerked upright and shouted, “Oh you little cow, you will pay for that.” She sat backwards onto Carla’s face, grinding her pussy onto her lover’s mouth. She then grabbed Carla behind the knees and pulled her legs upwards off the bed. Carla was trapped and exposed, her buttocks, pussy and anus all spread wide and vulnerable. Sammi opened Carla’s legs and rested a shin on each shoulder.

“Dom, over here. I want you to spank this little minx until she sucks me off,” Sammi commanded. “And then fuck her until she comes again.”

Dominic smiled, “Okay, you’re the boss!” He moved around the bed to get a better angle, swung the strap upwards and brought it down across Carla’s taught, upturned buttocks. Carla’s squeal was muffled by Sammi’s pussy, and she tried to buck her lover off. Sammi stayed in position like a bronco rider, before lowering her pussy a fraction further. She could feel carla’s nose nudging her anus. She spoke to her pinned lover, “Better get busy down there. Dom keeps whipping your butt until you finish what you started!” Sammi gave a nod to Dom and he brought the strap down again, this time smacking Carla across the tops of her thighs, right across her puffy pussy lips. Carla shrieked again, then began to tongue her lover in earnest.

It took a dozen, slowly spaced strokes for Carla to satisfy Sammi, and by that time her buttocks were crimson from mid-thigh to the top of her cleft. Her pussy lips were stinging where the strap had fallen across the puffed-up flesh, and even her anus was tingling from an errant blow that fell short and slapped right across her hole.

As the shudders of orgasm relented, Sammi eased herself up slightly to give her lover some breathing room. She still held her legs firmly apart, displaying Carla’s delights. Sammi looked up at Dom, who was now stroking his hard manhood in anticipation. “Okay, big boy. Show your boss what you can do. And if you come before she does, it will be your butt being whipped next time!”

Dom laughed. “Ain’t never had a complaint yet, let me tell you,” he said, as slid his erection into Carla’s stretched, willing pussy.


This has been your E and F in the A to Z Challenge. Yesterday ran away with me so I missed a posting. I will accept a severe spanking from Miranda in recompense 🙂

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