Horny for Humbling

Carla’s phone pinged with the unique tone she had assigned to Sammi. She picked her phone up, curious to see what was important enough for her to be disturbed at her desk:

message 1

Carla closed her door and browsed to the blog page. The image on the post was really erotic, even though it was just a cartoon, and it had Carla wriggling her bum to relieve an urgent pulsing in her pussy. ‘Nice,’ she thought. ‘I could see us handling young Dominic like this.’



She moved on, chuckling to herself as she read the hilarious verse penned by Rudi. When she had finished she browsed through several other postings on the site, noting a few that gave her ideas for spanking scenarios. One story in particular really got her juices flowing, and she couldn’t resist pulling up her skirt to probe her rapidly moistening sex. Her fingertip gently circled her clit as she imagined herself enacting the story Rudi had so eloquently told. She spent a delightful few minutes bringing herself to orgasm as she imagined thrashing an unsuspecting shopper with a spatula. When she had come back down to earth she picked up her phone once more:




Carla put down her phone and smiled as she imagined bringing young Dominic to his knees in the open office. She recalled the pleasure he took from whipping her with the leather belt a few days earlier. He had left her with some vivid reminders. And while she had certainly enjoyed the experience, she called the shots in the bedroom and the office. It was time for Dominic to realise he could be a Dom in name only if he wanted to stay working under her, in every way imaginable.


Part H of the evolving adventures of Carla and Sammi, for the A to Z Challenge. The adventures started here.


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