Juvenile, Knackers and Leather

The next day, Carla and Sammi were in the office working on the shoot for the Bryson Motors campaign when raised voices disturbed their concentration. They tried to ignore the commotion, and almost succeeded, until the shouting turned to shrieks and then the distinctive sound of a palm striking bare flesh. The pair looked at each other, dropped what they were doing and dashed outside.

The sight before them stopped them in their tracks. Dominic had Jo across his knees. He had her skirt up and knickers down, and he was spanking her bare bottom vigorously. Jo was kicking and bucking, screaming at him at the top of her voice, “Stop you fucking moron! If you don’t stop fucking smacking me I will rip your knackers off and shove them down your throat OWWWW!!”

Dominic ignored her threats and continued to rain down hard spanks on her tender but rapidly reddening flesh. He took the time to aim low and strike at the tender flesh at the bottom of her luscious cheeks. Her legs flailed and her knickers flew off. Carla, Sammi and Dominic were treated to the sight of her pussy and anus as she bucked and writhed to avoid the blows. Her writhing caused Dominic to lose his aim and he smacked her square on her pussy lips. She shrieked wildly and redoubled her escape efforts, so Dominic pinned her legs with his own.

Carla and Sammi stood at the office door enjoying the show. Carla could see Jo’s bum turning from pink to red, with the imprints of Dominic’s fingers clearly visible on the outside of her cheeks. She would step in and stop the fight soon enough, but it was a real turn-on to see Jo pinned across Dominic’s broad, muscular thighs. As she watched, Carla could see that Jo had managed to adjust her balance and free her right arm. She twisted it back and up between Dominic’s legs.  The squeal he let out said she had found her mark, and she was clearly not letting go. Dominic stopped spanking and flipped her off his lap so that he could clutch his tender manhood. Jo landed with a bump on her sore bottom, legs splayed wide and showing her pussy.

“That was a lot of noise for what you clearly enjoyed,” Carla remarked, staring between Jo’s legs at her puffy, engorged pussy lips. She nodded her head at Dominic, bent double and clutching his groin. “Looks like you got the better of him there too! Nice to see a good office wrestling match. Now, who wants to tell me what happened out here. You know there will be consequences!”

Jo retrieved her knickers and quickly dressed, covering her excitement. She spat out a reply to Carla’s question. “I don’t know what you guys see in him. He must have a fucking big cock, that’s all I can think, coz he’s fucking useless at anything work related, and he is constantly pissing me off with snidey little comments about being untouchable.”

“O-kay,” replied Carla, “And how did you end up over his knee getting your bum warmed?”

“I was trying to get him working on the Montgomery Foods file, and he kept on jerking around. I got pissed at him and we started arguing. Next thing, he’s got me across his knee, knickers off and he’s whaling away. I like a spanking as much as you, but this was purely fucking out of hand.”

Carla turned to Dominic, who was now standing but still bent at the waist, breathing deeply. “And what’s your story?” she asked.

Dominic glanced up, “She’s just jealous because of how I’m getting on here, is all,” he groaned, pointing vaguely over at Jo. “She just tried to rip my knackers off, crazy bitch! Jeezus, that made me sick to the guts!” Jo lurched at Dominic and Sammi grabbed her. Jo lashed out with her foot and shouted in triumph as she connected with his groin, causing Dominic to once more collapse in agony.

Carla looked Sammi. “ Looks like we have a playground spat here. Juvenile behaviour needs juvenile discipline, don’t you agree?”

Sammi grinned. “Most definitely. I’d be happy to assist, Ma’am.”

“Okay then. Let’s just see if Dominic here needs any ‘first aid’ before his discipline. Wouldn’t want workplace safety coming by, would we?” Carla knelt down next to Dominic and released his belt and pants. She tugged down his pants and underwear, then nudged Dominic to roll onto his back. Gently she reached down and massaged his cock and balls. Dominic winced slightly as her fingers closed around his sac, his bruised bollocks still tender to even the gentlest fondling. Still, his shaft thickened and stirred with the attention. Jo was looking over her shoulder, “OH, I can see why he’s the golden boy then. I take it his audition went well?” She looked knowingly at Sammi and Carla.

Carla looked up at her and smiled. “Well maybe when you two are ready to kiss and make up, you might want to try it out for yourself. IF you earn the right. Until then, its more pain and less pleasure.” She looked down at Dominic, “There’s nothing’s permanently damaged, so you can get yours too.” She tugged on his shaft, “Up!”

As the three women moved towards Carla’s office, Dominic leaned forwards to pull up his pants. Carla smiled at him and shook her head. “No need, dear. They will be off again soon enough. Come!” The three women now stepped inside Carla’s office, with Dominic hobbling along behind, pants at his ankles and erection waving like a divining rod.

Carla walked over to a tall cupboard and reached in to lift her leather barber’s strop from its hook. She slapped the broad, thick strop in her palm and turned to the pair. “Juvenile behaviour gets juvenile discipline. And in this office, that comes in the form of a good old leathering with the strap. Now, who’s first?”

The pair looked nervously at the strop and each other. Carla noticed that Dominic’s erection had not subsided, indeed it seemed even more prominent with the promise of a solid strapping to come. This day was looking better and better.


Red Charls


Okay, so I missed a day or two. Here’s a 1000 words to make up for it, and an appointment with the hairbrush for tardiness to follow once I’ve hit ‘publish’. Sounds like a good reason to be late again 🙂

This has been your J, K and L post for the A to Z Challenge.

You can follow the series here:



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