“Come on now, don’t be shy. It goes easier on the first to volunteer. You should know that, Jo.” Carla slapped the strap into her palm as she looked from one to the other. Dominic stood with his pants around his ankles and his erection poking through his shirt tails. ‘I’ll give him credit,’ thought Carla, ‘He’s not the least bit fazed being half-naked in front of a room full of women. Almost as if he likes to strut his stuff.’

As if he had read her thoughts, Dominic kicked away his pants, strode to the centre of the room and bent forwards to grasp his ankles. His feet were spread apart, giving the women a glorious view of his toned, burnished buttocks and the heavy weight of his cock and balls beneath. The three collectively held their breath as they drank in the sight of the young buck, bent to receive his lashing. Dominic glanced back. “Well, are we doing this or not? If one of you wants to get down here I can show you how it’s done. And I can tell you, I’ll take double whatever you do!”

Coming on the back of his cock-sure display earlier, Jo took this show of machismo as a personal challenge. “oh yeah? Think your man enough to take it? I doubt you can match half, let alone double. But you laid the bet, so let’s see your ass can pay the debt your mouth just wrote. Move your ass over and watch your debt rising, arsehole!” With that, Jo quickly unzipped her skirt and stepped out of it. She then tugged down her lacy black panties which had so recently been around her knees, thanks to the man she would soon relish thrashing with the strap swinging from Carla’s hand. Dominic had stood up as Jo stripped, and she stepped like a stripper and stood directly in front of him, facing away. She slowly and deliberately bent forwards, thrusting backwards as she did so that his erection slid down her butt crack and across her wet pussy lips. She glanced over her shoulder and spoke, “Step back, boy. You can’t afford to sample the goods just yet.”

Dominic swallowed hard and stepped away from Jo’s upthrust buttocks. Carla could see the tip of his cock glistening with the love juice from Jo’s pussy and licked her lips in anticipation of pleasures to come. But first, to business. “Okay Jo. We will start with six. Ready?” Without waiting for an answer, Carla swung the strap backwards and snapped her arm forwards, accelerating the broad leather onto Jo’s already warmed cheeks. The impact rocked her forwards and she hissed with the blow, but made no other sound. “One.”

Carla took aim and delivered a second blow just below the first. Dominic swallowed hard and his cock twitched as he watched the strap bite into Jo’s pale flesh, saw the glistening slit beneath dripping with excitement as the lashing continued. After two, Carla handed the strap to Sammi, who delivered a wicked pair of backhand strokes to Jo’s eager bum. The first four strokes had covered her bum with a red glow, deeper at the overlaps and on the outside of her thighs where the strap tip had bitten harshly. Sammi then passed the strap to Dominic. “Careful now, she gets to repay you double for what you give her,” she warned.

Dominic took the warm leather and stood to the left of Jo. He laid the strap across her cheeks, getting the measure of the length, then pulled back and snapped the strap hard across her bum. Her cheeks flattened and distended with the impact, before springing back to their naturally pert state. Jo breather in sharply as the blow bit, but stayed locked in position and made no other sound. Dominic pulled back again and smacked the strap with force, trying to get a response. Jo grunted once and tensed as she processed the pain, then she thrust her buttocks higher and dipped her back, flaunting her sex to her tormentor. She then stood and turned. Her face was flushed and her cheeks were wet, but her eyes gleamed with excitement. She grasped his rampant shaft. “Okay, big boy. Now see if you are man enough to take what you can deliver.” She took the strap from his hand and stepped behind him.

Dominic was not about to show any weakness to the women. With a confident swagger he took Jo’s place and bent from the waist. He grasped his ankles to lock himself in place and looked back at the women. “Okay then, do your worst.”

Jo swung the strap as she stepped forward, adding momentum to the swing. The strap bit deeply across the centre of Dominic’s cheeks, bent tight from his position. He gasped with the pain of the blow and bent his knees slightly forwards. “Stay in position or get another!” barked Jo. Dominic quickly complied and thrust his cheeks high. Jo swung again, this time striking low across the top of his thighs. Dominic grunted again, but stayed locked in place. “Expensive words, eh?” she smirked before swinging twice more, then handing the strap to Carla.

Carla stepped behind Dominic and scratched the tender flesh of his cheeks, feeling the heat from the strapping. She dragged a finger down his cleft and around his anus, before reaching beneath to fondle his balls and shaft. He had softened a little, but quickly grew again with her touch. “Mmm, that’s better,” she murmured. “Need to keep things ready for the after-show party.”

Carla stepped to the left and prepared to lash his proffered buttocks. She recalled the strapping he had given her recently, and resolved to ensure he knew the full effects of over-stepping boundaries without permission. She pulled back and whipped the strap hard across his cheeks, then pulled back and delivered another to the exact same spot. Her third and fourth landed low, right across the tender sit-spot. She knew he would be feeling this punishment for some time to come. After she had finished, she stroked his cheeks again and felt the increased heat rising. He flinched at her touch and she knew the message had been well received. She reached down and tugged his cock back to stiffness before handing the strap to Sammi. “Your turn, and don’t spare the horses!”

As Sammi took the strap, Carla took Jo’s hand. She led the half-naked woman to the sofa and together they sat. Carla eased up her skirt and tugged off her knickers, then lay backwards. Jo took the offer and bent her mouth to her boss’s mound. As Jo licked her to orgasm, Carla could hear the strap biting into Dominic’s poor, abused buttocks as she slowly and deliberately delivered his remaining strokes.


Mmmm Machismo. Never a good thing to display when three women have the upper hand, and you have the upturned cheeks. So what’s going to happen next? Will Dominic’s erection be put to good use? When does Carla get a good thrashing? Is there a foursome on the cards? Tune in for the next episode and find out ….

If you missed any, we started out here. And you can get the links to all the previous A to Z postings here.


  1. Mmm marvelous, Rudy! I’ve got a hand it to you, you’re doing a great job with this challenge. I’ve falling behind, butt I plan to catch up at some point. 🙂

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